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7 Reasons to Take Filmmaking Workshops

According to the Motion Picture Association, about 2.4 million people work in film industry jobs. There are so many jobs available in this industry that it’s no wonder it attracts people with so many different skills and walks of life. 

The beauty of filmmaking is that it allows a team to tell a story using creative skills and techniques. It can also be a great source of revenue for everyone, from makeup artists to editors and beyond. 

That’s why filmmaking workshops are so important to the industry. Workshops are accessible to everyone, widen your knowledge, and introduce you to new experiences and people. 

If you have been considering taking a workshop, read on to learn more about all the benefits of filmmaking workshops. 

1. Learn About a Unique or Specific Area

One wonderful thing about film production training is that there are many areas to study. You may find that there are several areas of the film industry that you want to learn about, or there may be just one that you want to hone in on and perfect. 

If you have always been curious about an area of film that you’re inexperienced in, a workshop is the perfect way to get a taste of it.

This way, you will learn the basics about it and can decide from there if you would like to commit to learning more about it.

Workshops are perfect for experimenting with your interests and even picking up a new skill or two.

The best schools offer a wide variety of both classic and niche workshops. View this film school to get familiar with what a good variety of workshops looks like. 

2. Hear From Professionals

Nothing makes filmmaking classes feel more special than hearing advice and words of wisdom from a seasoned professional. 

Hearing what a filmmaking veteran has to say may provide some sense of direction, answer questions, and help you decide what your next professional steps will be. 

It can be intimidating to ask questions while working on a film set. If you have questions, you can always ask the speaker at your workshop for clarity. 

It may also be helpful to hear the struggles and trials of someone who has once been in your shoes. Navigating the world of filmmaking can be difficult at times, so take advice and hope from someone who has been there. 

3. Explore a New Interest 

When you study filmmaking, you quickly learn that there is a lot more that goes into filming than simply pointing a camera and pressing ‘record.’ Everything from lighting to queue marks is equally important. 

You may find that while you work in one area of the industry, you’re curious about several and want to expand your skills.

There are so many different productions that consistently need crew members for a variety of jobs. It will always help you to find more production jobs when you are skilled in more than one area. 

A workshop is an ideal opportunity to learn more about an area you aren’t familiar with.

4. Network With Other Industry Enthusiasts 

You’ll never be alone at workshops and film courses! No matter how big or small the group is, you’ll have a chance to meet people with like-minded interests. 

It can be refreshing to surround yourself with people who share your passion for filmmaking. You’ll be able to feed off each others’ energy and exchange ideas and questions. 

You may even meet someone you decide you want to pursue a creative project with. In the film industry, success often comes from who you know. Keep an open mind when you’re meeting people, and give everyone a chance. 

You can begin to create your own friend network and exchange tips and news, and keep up with job openings. Plus, it’s always fun to blow off steam after a day of work on a production with friends who understand. 

5. Reinvigorate Your Love of the Art

If you once had a love for filmmaking and you find your interest waning in the face of other responsibilities, consider taking a workshop.

Keeping up with our creative passions is an important part of self-expression. It’s also a great way to take a break from life stressors while making art and getting paid.

Working on projects that are special to you or carry significance is also a great way to honor yourself. Being proud of what you produce can lift your self-esteem and give you the push to keep pursuing your career. 

Being around other people in the film industry can help inspire your love for the art to come back. Learning about new skills or brushing up on old ones in a workshop will breathe life back into your creative work.  

6. Lean Into Mentorship

Not everyone gets to work with a mentor in their chosen profession, but if you get the chance, don’t pass it up!

While not every workshop is guaranteed to introduce you to a mentor, you’re very likely to meet inspirational people while attending one. 

It may be the leader of your workshop or a special guest speaker. It may even be another workshop attendee, so be sure to be friendly to everyone you meet. 

Don’t be afraid to approach someone to ask for advice and questions. Keep in mind that not everyone will want to chat in depth and be sure to read body language and social cues.

If they seem receptive to you, you can exchange information and let a mentorship friendship naturally grow from there. 

7. Keep Up With Changing Trends

The film industry is consistently changing year to year. Look at movies made 10 years ago, and you will see a noticeable difference in style, writing, and costume design. 

It can be overwhelming to feel like the times are changing without you. Workshops can help you brush up on your skills as they evolve with technology and filmmaking trends. 

It never hurts to expand your knowledge and learn to keep up with the changing landscape. You’ll feel more prepared the next time you step on a set to perform your job. 

Learn About Filmmaking Workshops and More

Now you know 7 great reasons why you should invest your time in filmmaking workshops. They’re the perfect way to network, sharpen your skills, and learn new techniques and trends. 

If you love learning about filmmaking workshops and other sides of the industry, make sure to check out our Life Style webpage today. 


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