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A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implant Abutment

Did you know that replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is the best way to eat and smile confidently again? However, to do so, you might have to have some more work done. Get ready to uncover more about dental implant abutment and what it has to offer you.

Whether you’re considering implants or are seeking to better understand your dentist’s chatter about abutment angles, this article has you covered. Keep reading to learn about dental implant abutment, why it’s important, and how it helps with your overall level of comfort.

Understanding Dental Implant Abutments

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth because they look and work just like real teeth. A dental implant abutment is a connector piece that attaches to the implant fixture and sticks out above the gum line.

It acts as a base for the tooth replacement while the implant is being put in. The artificial crown, bridge, or denture rests on the abutment, which gives it stability, strength, and a nice look.

Types of Dental Implant Abutments

There are three implant abutment types. This includes stock abutments, custom abutments, and temporary abutments. Stock abutments are a cost-effective choice because they are already made and come in standard shapes and sizes.

Custom abutments are made specifically for each patient. These abutments are made to fit the unique gum shape and tooth shape of each patient. This makes them look better and work better.

Temporary abutments are used while the tooth is healing. They are a temporary fix until the final abutment and crown are put in place. It’s best if you can first consult with an expert to learn more about the dental implant process.

Placement Procedure

After the implant heals and fuses with the jawbone, a small operation is done to expose the implant and connect the abutment. Once the abutment placement is done, a mold is made of it so that the final repair can be made. The implant process is finished when the dental lab makes a custom crown, bridge, or denture that is connected to the abutment.

Aftercare Instructions

During the dental implant process, it’s important to take care of your mouth by brushing, flossing, and getting professional cleanings. This will keep the implant and the tissues around it healthy.

To keep the repair or abutment from breaking, don’t bite on hard things or don’t eat food that put too much force on the implant.

Schedule regular follow-up visits with your doctor to check on the health of the implant, evaluate the abutment, and make sure the restoration lasts as long as possible.

Getting an Implant Abutment for Better Dental Health

Overall, dental implant abutment is a great way for those who need restoration of their smiles. With the right care and treatment, you can make sure your implant is secure and your smile is looking its best for years to come. Consult with your dentist to find out all the benefits of this procedure and decide if it is right for you.      

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