Vacation Tips: Gadgets to Make Your Trip More Comfortable

Everyone needs to take time off from work and go on a vacation at least once a year. Experts have verified that taking time away from the stress that everyday life brings can give you significant physical and psychological health benefits.

Getting yourself ready for your vacation trip can sometimes be challenging because you want to make sure that you bring everything you need while also trying to pack light. It becomes especially harder with the current coronavirus pandemic, as there are new safety concerns as well wherever you might be going. Still, if stay-at-home orders have been lifted in your area and you are dead set on traveling for a much-needed change of scenery, here are a few gadgets we recommend taking with you to make your trip more comfortable:

Universal Plug Adapter

Not all your devices will share the same plug type, so bringing a universal adapter helps ensure you will be able to keep all of them powered and running during your vacation. Most of the newer models also have a built-in charger so you can recharge your gadgets on the go.

When looking for which plug adapter to purchase, there are three things to keep in mind. First, try to check how universal the model is-the more types of outlets it can fit into, the better. Next, consider the number of devices you will be bringing along. If you feel that you will need to charge multiple gadgets at the same time, it is best to look for an adapter with a multi-port setting so that you can plug your devices in together. Lastly, try to look for reviews on each brand’s quality. Some adapters can break down or come apart after less than a week’s use, so you should make sure you will buy a brand known for its durability, too.

Weatherproof Phone Case

The importance of smartphones can never be downplayed in today’s era of technology. Aside from using it to call, text, and go on the internet, you can choose from thousands of helpful apps and install them on your smartphone to improve your vacation experience. For instance, you can download an app to translate languages if ever you will be visiting a different country, which should give both you and the locals an easier time communicating with each other. You can find an app to help you locate the top restaurants and tourist spots, and if you find yourself falling in love with the new environment, you can also get an app for real estate in case you want to look up some property for sale.

That being said, protecting your smartphone should be one of your priorities if you want to continue using its features. Weatherproof cases come with both waterproofing and shock-resistant protection to help your phone survive drops and water damage. Depending on your budget, you can also opt for brands that use dirt-proof and snow-proof technology to enhance your phone’s safety further.

Personal Water Container

Bringing your own water container is highly-recommended when going on a trip. However, water containers come in all shapes and sizes, so you will need to look for one which fits your luggage. Luckily for you, collapsible water containers have been developed to help travelers fit them into small gears and limited spaces.

If the size of the container is not an issue, you can also consider going for water bottles equipped with its own purifying system. These containers are essential if you are traveling to places known for having unsafe tap water, as the filtering mechanism takes out bacteria in the water to make it drinkable without putting your health at risk.

Travel Pillow

A lot of people insist against bringing pillows on a trip due to difficulty packing them due to their bulk. However, having a pillow to rest your neck or head against while on a long train, airplane, or car trip can make all the difference in your level of comfort as you travel.

Inflatable travel pillows should do the trick if the luggage is a concern, as they are easy to deflate and pack without using up too much space. Additionally, you can adjust the pillow’s firmness and support to your preferences since you will be the one inflating it.

Portable memory-foam pillows are ideal if you want to go all-in on comfort. The soft cushion adjusts to the position of your neck or head as you lie on it, allowing you to get to that perfect resting spot while still getting sturdy support to prevent muscle fatigue.


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