Top Midwest BnB’s to Visit After the Pandemic Lockdown

Good news, at last, after weeks of anxiety and restlessness inside our homes and apartments in isolation. As the restrictions are lifted, people are now thinking of going on a trip to celebrate a little freedom, get some sunshine and fresh air, and reunite with family and loved ones on a quick but safe vacation. Time to get off that couch and explore the world again. Here are some top BnB’s to consider if you want an affordable yet memorable post-lockdown trip out of town:

Sunflower Hill in Utah

Sunflower Hill in Moab, Utah is one of the most delightful places to stay in the Midwest because of its well-maintained green garden, lush trees and foliage, wide-open spaces, and beautifully designed rooms. Each room is equipped with a high-quality bed and mattress with old Western-style iron frames; world-class sheets, curtains, and other linen; a very clean toilet and bath; and relaxing pastel walls that match the desert outside. The best feature of this lovely inn is the cool pool that refreshes one’s body and soul after a day of strolling under the Utah sun. This professionally managed inn is just a few minutes away to shops, cafes, and other interesting places to see. Moab is such a great place for adventure junkies who want to trek the dunes to see Arches National Park or go 4×4 offroad driving in Hell’s Revenge National Park. For the entire family, one can book a cruise with a light and sound show at Canyonlands National Park. There’s also canyoneering, river rafting, and paddle-boarding sites to enjoy for those who truly love a nature experience.

Casita Bajada in Arizona

If you think you’d enjoy a jacuzzi and a glass-tiled infinity pool in the middle of the Sonora Desert, well then, the Casida Bajada in Arizona might be the right one for you. The resort invites you to enjoy the majestic mountain views that offer a mix of warm and cool colors as the day slowly gives way to a starry night.; Just located near the Four Seasons Hotel, Casita Bajada is artistically designed to match the desert environment yet provides cool, relaxing interiors that will be perfect for travelers. It has comfortable beds that are framed in stylish leather; a front yard complete with a cactus to really give that Western feel, and lovely lounge areas near the pool that are perfect for sunbathing. It is quiet and secluded yet near golf courses, parks, and hiking trails. The casita is perfect for couples and families who want to enjoy a very calm, desert night.

Couples Retreat in Helotes, Texas

After months of wearing a surgical mask and face shield in the city proper, perhaps it’s time to sit and relax inside a Eucalyptus-infused steam room to help your lungs rejuvenate. This is just one of the features of a truly enjoyable resort experience at Couples Retreat in Helotes, Texas. The main attraction of this Texan get-away is a uniquely romantic pool with its own natural waterfall. And just when you think it could not get any better than that, you’d also appreciate its indoor fireplace, king-sized beds, and den complete with full leather recliners and entertainment center. For wine connoisseurs, the Helotes Creek Winery would definitely be a place to visit. Nearby Pedrotti’s Ranch is also a good place to try a rodeo experience. Don’t forget: having a hefty plate of barbecue, chicken fried steak, and queso is a must-do in the Lone Star State.

Wisconsin’s Old Rittenhouse Inn For those who yearn for the romance of an era gone by, the Victorian architecture of Old Rittenhouse Inn will surely let you travel back in time. Located in the town of Bayfield, this 20-guest room inn not fail to impress with its well-


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