The Pros and Cons of Being a Cruise Ship Worker

Are you searching for a career that provides a sense of community and a chance to travel? 

However, being onboard a ship comes with a few hardships as well; you may miss out on important events in your life. The important thing is to weigh the pros and cons of any career you choose, and this is an excellent choice.

To know more, keep reading to discover the lifestyle and hardships of being a cruise ship worker.

The Pros of Being a Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ship workers often have the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations and experience diverse cultures, which can be extremely rewarding. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting the best cruise lines to work for.


This gives you the opportunity to experience multiple cultures and locations, as well as make use of language skills in different regions. Secondly, you get to enjoy living and working with people from different countries and customs. Cruise ship workers can also be rewarded with regular travel discounts, gifts, and bonuses from the company. 

Meeting New People

It provides unique opportunities to immerse oneself in different cultures and lifestyles. Additionally, cruise ship staff make many personal connections over the course of their employment, making them well-rounded, diverse individuals. Spending months at a time with a variety of interesting personalities helps workers to develop strong interpersonal skills and learn valuable lessons. 

Free Accommodation and Meals

The quality of the accommodation is usually good since cabin sizes vary depending on the vessel. Cruise ships also provide spacious public areas, up-to-date amenities, and modern facilities, so the environment is safe and enjoyable. Furthermore, the meals provided on the ship are usually excellent; they offer a wide variety of dishes that are freshly cooked in the ship’s kitchen. 

The Cons of Being a Cruise Ship Worker

Being a cruise ship worker can have some drawbacks. Often, cruise ship workers work long hours, away from family and friends, with limited time off between trips. 

Long Hours

Being a cruise ship worker involves long, often grueling hours. This impacts both their personal and professional lives. Some may even feel overwhelmed. The impact of these long hours could involve a lack of sleep, which can cause health issues and exhaustion. This could leave workers feeling emotionally disconnected and isolated from their loved ones.


Cruise ships are focused on providing a better life to their passengers than the one they were living before. As a result, the staff is required to maintain a high level of service that can make it difficult to fully recover from the homesickness. After weeks at sea, workers may feel isolated and disconnected from those back home. 

Limited Time Off

This can create a lack of personal time and even lead to burnout. The flexibility of hours is limited due to the constraints of a cruise ship’s operational needs and employees who are obligated to maintain schedules. Cruise ship workers may find it difficult to get regular time off, participate in recreational activities, and be physically active. 

Working as a Cruise Ship Worker: Is It Right for You?

Overall, the pros and cons of being a cruise ship worker vary with individual circumstances. However, if travel, new experiences, and self-development are of interest, then a cruise ship job can be an exciting career adventure. If you’re interested in giving it a try, why not contact a cruise company today and see what opportunities await you?

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