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Privacy plays an important role in a business for different people. Privacy policies are put into place that can protect employees, customers and overall operations. Without the right tools and resources, any problems can negatively impact the brand, the customers and damage a company’s reputation.

Technology has advanced unbelievably and continues to transform rapidly. Data is easier to share in larger amounts and at a faster pace. And while this has simplified everyday tasks and productivity, protecting data and privacy is more of a concern as a result.

Countries are passing privacy requirements that are more comprehensive and complex so companies need to ensure that privacy is a priority and remains central to the business. There are multiple tools and services out there to help make privacy management easier but if you speak to a Managed IT Services Company they would likely suggest using Microsoft Priva.

Microsoft launched Priva to give companies the tools to make smart data handling decisions that comply with regulations and laws like the GDPR (European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Microsoft Priva aims to give companies the tools to take a “privacy by default” stance rather than having to rely on a patchwork of tools and manual processes. With Microsoft Priva companies can address challenges like preventing privacy issues from human error, helping employees learn correct data handling practices, training employees to spot and fix any issues, better understanding potential risks and helping fulfil data subject requests or subject rights requests quickly and efficiently.

Through two solutions, Microsoft Priva has several capabilities. With Priva Privacy Risk Management users can gain visibility into the company’s data and policy templates to reduce any risks. With Priva Subject Rights Requests, users can access automation and workflow tools to fulfil data requests.

We spoke to providers of expert IT Support Services in London on why these solutions can help companies fulfil their privacy policies and this is what they said:

Find and visualize personal data

For starters, you need to understand what content the company stores, how much of it contains personal data and where it all lives across all the services they use and under what conditions it’s managed. 

Priva works to automatically discover personal data and provide key insights and analytics for admins to better understand any privacy issues and associated risks that come with this data. Priva evaluates where personal data is stored, how the data flows and trends over time.

Admins can view these insights with automatic updates within the Overview dashboard and can explore ongoing analytics with the data profile.

Manage privacy risks at scale

The bigger and more complex a data environment is, the more potential there is for risky scenarios for personal data. The Priva Privacy Risk Management solution provides the tools to better detect any risks, help establish policies and allow processes for remediation and also notify users about any issues and the recommended actions to take.

This creates better informed and educated users that can better handle risk mitigation with tools they are already familiar with. Microsoft 365 Consultancy providers highly suggest users use the built-in and customizable templates that Priva provides. These templates can establish ongoing policies tailored for scenarios like overexposed personal data, data transfers and data minimization.

Once everything is set up, data evaluation can be done on an ongoing basis, admin can receive alerts when policy matches are detected and email notifications can be automatically set up for users for remediation steps and training.

Efficiently fulfil personal data requests.

And finally, with Microsoft Priva’s Subject Rights Requests companies can automate data subject rights fulfilment with access to relevant data and customizable workflows. This is especially important for companies that store large amounts of unstructured information.

Users can search for data related to an individual and Priva will automatically collect all data from throughout the environment. Once data is collected Priva will also help review the findings and produce reports.

In conclusion, companies now have to have privacy at the centre of their business. Concerns about how data is handled are always increasing and solutions are becoming more complex. As regulations and laws continue to set rules for how a company stores personal data and how much data can be collected by a company to give people more rights to their personal data, Priva can help make adjustments easier. With Priva, a company can meet all regulatory requirements and build its customer’s trust.

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