Top 10 Video Production Mistakes for Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Marketing is the lifeblood of successful companies worldwide, and one of the most effective forms of marketing for business growth is video marketing. Eighty-five percent of marketers use the video production process to market goods and services to their target audiences. It’s an effective way to share a compelling message in an efficient and effective manner.

Finding the proper topics for videos and ensuring you have the best video lighting and audio is a sure way to produce top-notch content. Still, there are video production mistakes for businesses to avoid if you want your marketing video content to have the desired effect.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this guide to the many mistakes to avoid during the video production process. Continue reading to reach your audience in an exciting and engaging way today!

1. Poor Lighting

The best camera equipment and editing software is helpful, but more is needed to compensate for poor lighting when producing marketing videos. Insufficient lighting creates grainy and dark footage that won’t carry the message you want for your marketing content. Ensure you have suitable lighting equipment when preparing footage for your marketing strategy.

Learning different lighting techniques to make the most of your shots is helpful. You can also use natural lighting to create videos that pop off the screen.

2. Lack of Planning

It’s best to have a script or plan in place when preparing to shoot footage for your marketing videos. Enthusiasm is excellent, but it will only serve you well if you know what your goal is for the filming process. A video that lacks planning will be incoherent, and the message you want to share will get lost.

Take your time when planning and capturing footage. Plan your shots and create a storyboard so your marketing videos share the desired message with your audience. You should contact this video production agency to help assemble your first storyboard.

3. Poor Audio Quality

Video lighting and audio go together when considering the key facets to prioritize when creating marketing videos. Many new producers make common video production mistakes for businesses, and forgetting to emphasize audio is one of the worst.

Shooting the perfect video is a waste if the audio quality makes it unwatchable. Poor audio will distract your target audience, and the message you want to share will get lost. Purchase the best microphones and ensure clear audio quality before proceeding with the production process.

4. Unstable Camera

If you’re set on producing marketing videos for your brand, purchasing a tripod for your camera is in your interest. A shaky camera will ruin otherwise perfect shots. Your videos will come off as unprofessional to viewers, which could turn them away from your brand and into the open arms of your competitors.

Smooth camera movements are an excellent way to create marketing videos your audience will love. Your marketing videos will convey professionalism that helps you build trust.

5. Complicating Editing

The editing process is where things often get complicated when producing marketing videos. Invest in proper video editing software to make the process more straightforward. Going overboard with editing will distract your audience from the video.

Try to avoid using too many transitions when creating the final product. Videos with too many transitions come off as poorly done. Effects and filters will also detract from the marketing message you wish to convey. Simple is always better when handling the video production process.

6. Ignoring Color Correction

Your marketing videos should promote a particular mood or tone. Color correction and grading are the most effective way to capture that mood. It’s an extra step in the video production process but worthwhile for a top-notch video. Videos without grading or color correction could produce a bland final product.

The time you invest in color correction is worth it in the end. Your marketing videos will be far more effective at reaching your audience and forming connections. The extra time also results in a polished marketing video lacking common production mistakes.

7. Forgetting B-Roll Footage

The primary footage from your video production process is crucial for a well-shot marketing video, but you should pay attention to the importance of quality B-roll footage. This additional footage supports the primary footage you’ve captured for your marketing needs. The video could come off as one-dimensional when you finish editing it.

Having plenty of B-roll footage adds more context to the video. The audience will feel far more engaged when you include B-roll footage alongside your primary footage.

8. Being Boring

Your audience wants to indulge in marketing videos that are exciting and engaging. A boring video will result in potential customers looking at other options. You have less than 10 seconds to capture each viewer’s attention before they move on to another video.

Take chances and be bold to avoid video production mistakes for businesses. Your audience is exposed to hundreds of videos daily. Ensure that yours keeps their attention.

9. Awkward Angles

The angles you’re shooting at with your video production equipment are also critical to consider if you want to produce compelling content. Choosing awkward angles is another mistake that distracts the target audience from the message your brand wants to share.

10. Salesy Vibes

The goal of producing marketing videos is to gain new customers and grow your brand. One of the quickest ways to push potential customers away is to create salesy videos. Your target audience will lose interest in your brand and products as soon as they pick up on the vibe of your video.

Avoid the Common Video Production Mistakes for Businesses

Video marketing is an excellent addition to your brand’s marketing strategy, but you must avoid video production mistakes for businesses to achieve your marketing goals. Invest in proper video production equipment, and develop a storyboard for the video.

Ensure you have proper video lighting and audio for a professional marketing video. Avoid producing salesy content, and keep your edits simple and smooth.

Are you ready to incorporate another marketing avenue for your brand’s marketing strategy? Check out more of our business and technology blog content to help your business rise to the top today!


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