Building Customer Loyalty by Giving Away Free Stuff

Modern businesses connect with customers in a variety of channels: online, traditional media, and something a little more old-school – souvenir giveaways.

Despite the digital revolution that makes everything accessible, today’s customers respond positively to freebies and promotional merch. Even something as simple as giving away customized wristbands influences buying decisions, trust, and even loyalty.

For an event promoter, advertiser, or business owner looking to establish a good reputation, such an opportunity is priceless.It might not bedazzle your guests and customers, but it does something even more meaningful – build true connection.

If your goal is to drive customer or guest acquisition, you’re underestimating what mementos can do for you. A satisfied customer isn’t just one who wants to buy more – they’re the type who can be retained, upsold to, and most importantly, the kind who eventually becomes an advocate for your brand.

So, how do mementos help you do that?

Making your customers and guests feel valued

Personalization has always been at the heart of effective marketing. Customers are drawn to them the same way flies are drawn to light. According to a survey by E-consultancy, the more personalized the experience, the happier the client.

Beyond customer service and interaction, this approach can also be applied to your promotional products. From the moment you hand customers or employees a customized coffee mug or a towel with their name on it, it relays a sense of self-importance and value. As far as first impressions go, a guest, customer, or employee who feels like they’re valued is bound to stay, or at the very least, willing to explore more.

Serving as a reminder for good service

The event was a success. Your products and services lived up to the expectations. Reinforce that with a little souvenir from the event.

Customers are emotional by nature, perhaps in varying degrees and for different reasons. The fact is you can leverage this to create emotional connections with your own customers. Make your brand outstanding then make customers remember.

Mementos are visual reminders of this pleasant experience. A “Please” and “Thank You” will not earn you a complaint, but it won’t give your customers an emotional memory about your exceptional service, either. It’s time to step up your game.

Creating lasting emotional relationships said so themselves: if you want to build customer loyalty, prepare to give away tons of free stuff. Customers get a nice, fluttery feeling when they receive gifts – even just a small card with a note saying ‘thanks for being a customer’. What you know about creating healthy personal relationships is the same with professional business-customer relationships.

Giving away thank-you coffee mugs, emails, fruit baskets, and other gestures of gratitude, no matter how small, will provide a substantial return. They show that you genuinely care, which your customers will respond to in kind.

Everyone loves free stuff: customers, employees, guests. Whatever industry or marketing niche you’re in, you have a crowd to please. Promotional products and freebies help you do that for a small price.

Besides, what’s $100 compared to a lifelong opportunity of customer trust and loyalty?

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