How to Use Dr.Fone Virtual Location GPS for iOS?

Although Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer for Android works a notable well most of the passage, some want to identify alternatives to it. If you are from them, this guru explains the most suitable option so you Fake GPS location on iPhone Easily.

Pokémon Go is a digital game that is created to assist selves to go outside and enjoy. it is created in such a way to be found in real terrestrial coordinates, so you should contact them.

Though, many people require to play this amusement without surely stepping out.

Yes, you can do it in such a way that without moving even a meter but covering a large distance on Pokémon. All you want is a great app that can simulate locations on the machine you play this type of game. If you are operating the game on an Android phone, you will find plenty of choices to get the location to falsify in various ways. However, when it comes to IOS, things become pretty complicated due to the advanced level of security provided by Apple, you will discover a very little amount of alternatives. Dr.Fone Virtual Location is an ultimate tool to fake gpsios and is one of these apps, for those who don’t understand about it.

Why is Dr.Fone the best option for fake GPS on iOS?

There is no shortage of sanities to recognize Dr.Fone as the ideal GPS spoofing app in the house. The adaptability of this app is unique, so that runs on all most all the iPhones. Furthermore, the functionality of the app is very effective as it works absolutely with any location-based game. Aside from that, Dr.Fone location changer can work with all social media platform or app that requires entree to your location. With its assistant, you can quickly switch your location to wish anywhere.

The friendly UI of Dr.Fone Virtual Locations quite extraordinary. Even an amateur user can practice this app without any complications. Installing and configuring the app is quite a trail in the playground for any operator.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location Features

To provide you a greater sense of Dr.Fone Virtual Location’s potential, we have made a list of its salient features.

  • You can work on this Dr.Fone Virtual Location GPS for an iOS alternative means to alternate the position of your machine in moments without undergoing any limitations.
  • You can use Dr.Fone for circuit simulation persistence.
  • The activity progress can be customized to present it more sensible.
  • For the case, you can decide between walking, driving, and cycling.
  • It has many beneficial peculiarities for those who play competitions like Pokémon Go. Here is how to alternate Location in Pokémon Go.
  • You can delay the transfer whenever you want it, and it is extremely advantageous for any gamer.
  • It is developed to be compatible with all the windows devices so as to remotely change device location.

How to manage Dr.Fone Virtual Location and transfer the position?

Now that you hold a great impression about the scope of this agent. Let’s discuss how to manage it. The method is very easy, and we describe it in a step-by-step fashion. As a consequence of that, even a newcomer can understand it outwardly encountering any inconvenience.

1.   Download, install and launch Dr.Fone Virtual Location

Before starting more, please download Dr.Fone Virtual location from the standard position and place it on your PC. The installation method is very manageable for faking location on iPhone – just tailgate the onscreen directions. After the extraction, you can start the Application on your PC. When you start the software, you can view its central screen, and there will be an option called “Virtual Location.” Click on it so you can proceed to the next level.

2.   Tap on “Get Started”

After successfully starting the app, tap on getting started to start with alternate the GPS location.

3.   Connect the iPhone

You should attach your iPhone to an indistinguishable machine now. Make sure that you use the original electricity cable equipped with the device when you obtain it. Be sure that you unfasten the device. You can then tap on the described “Trust” when the broadcast is prompted on the mobile. This is needed to build a reliable connection between the PC and your iPhone…

4.   Check its Teleport Mode

You can see a map on Dr.Fone screen as of immediately. To go to Teleport options, you should choose the icon from the top right corner. You can insert the location in the search area now. If not, you can also access the GPS coordinates of the locations you wish to arrive at virtually. In accession to that, you can also zoom in and out to pick a coordinate on the map.

5.   Pinpoint the location you need

You will be capable of seeing a bar on the side now when you point out the area you want. You will have to prove the place title, the exact measure, and the coordinates connected with the point. Then, just hit the switch marked “Move here.”

Congrats.! You have successfully changed the position you require to go to. Meanwhile, you open any app that uses the device’s position and will get the fake position as the location. To counteract it, you can easily initiate such an app and view.

You can also simulate movement between two places, it is as easy as ABC. Doctor Phone provides an incredibly easy interface to help the user alternate the position with just a few tasks.


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to effectively change the iphone location without jailbreaking the device. The easiest way is to change it using a third-party app on the PC called Doctor Phone Virtual Location changer.

Follow these steps easily to spoof GPS, it’ll be designed so to even understand by a novice.

Gps spoof iPhone is one of the complicated tasks everyone is looking for, both for playing games and spoofing various apps location like dating app.

If you encounter any error during any step, Please tell us in the comment we’ll try our best to help you with it.


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