5 Compelling Reasons to Learn Skiing

So you’re thinking about going skiing, but you’re hesitating whether you should go do it. Maybe you’ve heard that skiing is hard to master or that it can be a dangerous sport. Well, that is correct for most winter sports like ice skating and snowboarding. It will take a while for you to do the triple axel or complete a 1,800-degree stunt. But if you’re in it for the fun and the benefits of the sports, then learning it from a professional will be enjoyable.

Need more convincing?

Here’s why you should start learning how to ski.

  1. It Makes You Happy

It’s scientifically proven that 15 minutes in nature can reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. It’s also shown that 45 minutes of exercise can increase cognitive performance. Now, imagine hours and hours spent on the slopes of Colorado or Alta.

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are also immersive activities that the whole family can enjoy. It’s become a sport that transcends three generations. For example, have you tried playing hoops with your grandparents? How long did that last?

It’s a great sport that brings happiness and joy to the whole group.

2. It Keeps You Active and Healthy During Winter

The average person can gain between 5 and 7 pounds during the winter months. That could increase in the holiday season, and this depends on the person, too. But by being active during the winter, we can all stay fit and healthy. Studies show that you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour when skiing, compared to 298 to 372 calories for an hour of biking.

Not only does it burn calories, but it also helps you regain balance, improve strength, enhance flexibility, and boost agility. It offers a full-body exercise that’s great for the heart and endurance.

The best thing is that you won’t even realize you’re working out because you’re having so much fun.

3. The Best Gravity-Powered Sport There Is

While surfing and skateboarding are also fun and popular gravity-powered sports, they don’t come close to skiing and snowboarding. When you skateboard, you tend to be bound to the skate park or the streets where you encounter vehicles left and right. Meanwhile, while surfing is a ton of fun, you rely on the waves for the most part.

Skiing offers you free roam. You’re free to go wherever the slopes lead you and as far as the slopes go.

However, like any sport, skiing can be dangerous. It’s best to take extra precautions by learning from a professional and mastering the basics.

Learning from a professional will let you absorb the sport faster. They are also trained to spot what level a student is at. Therefore, they can tailor teaching methods to match the student’s potential and capabilities. Learning the right way will allow you to enjoy the slopes more and gain more control of the activity.

Also, make sure to hit the slopes with the right gear. TheBlack Pearl from Blizzard, for example, allows for smooth turns and is ideal for ski powders. Don’t forget that your skis and helmets are priceless investments that will ensure your safety

.4. You can Learn It No Matter What Age (As Long as You Have Strong Knees)

Skiing is a recreational sport that the whole family can participate in. If you’re a parent, you can enroll your child even if they’re as young as four years old. They’re more likely to learn the basic skills quickly and build on them.

Similarly, there are ski resorts that offer lessons for seniors who are 65 years and older. You’ll be surprised to know that the fastest-growing age group of skiers are within that age group. In the U.S alone, the average number of days a person can ski is five, meanwhile, seniors who are 68 or older, scored twice that.

It’s not a race but more finding what excites you and do it. However, it’s important to always warm-up before doing any kind of physical activity to avoid any injuries for any age.

5. It’s a Great Way to Challenge Yourself

Not only do you learn something new with skiing, but it’s also a challenging sport that’s worth taking on. Break out of your comfort zone whether it’s taking on a new physical activity, building confidence on the slopes, or even talking and meeting new people.

Push yourself to develop new skills and improve your physical fitness.

Have Fun

Millions of people are obsessed with packing their luggage to hit the slopes, and they do it for a million reasons. Skiing lets you feel like a kid again. Not only are you playing on ice, but you’re also doing your body a favor during the sluggish winter months.

Just make sure that you learn with a certified professional and choose the right ski destination. This will ensure your safety and that you enjoy the sport properly.


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