6 Cleaning Methods For Keeping Your Car Pristine

Americans love cars. They love buying them, they love keeping them clean and they love replacing them. In 2019, Americans bought 16.96 million new cars. Americans love all sorts of cars, from high-profile vehicles to sensible sports utility vehicles. However, acquiring a brand-new car often requires that the purchaser already has a large amount of money or willing to pay for a car loan over the next few years.

This is why there’s a massive market for secondhand or previously owned vehicles. The average price for such vehicles is at a more cost affordable $20,000. Many Americans often sell their previously owned vehicles to finance the purchase of their new vehicle. But the price of your vehicle is entirely dependent on its condition. It can be difficult to keep your car working properly and looking wonderful.

The trick to ensuring your car retains most of its value when you sell it through proper cleaning and maintenance. However, not every car comes with a clear list of how to keep your car clean.

If you don’t have a guide, like the Subaru factory maintenance schedule, here are six ways you can keep your car in pristine condition and maintain its price.

1. Get Professional Cleaning

Understand the limits of your cleaning and maintenance capabilities. Don’t be stingy and regularly get your car cleaned by a professional. They have access to chemicals that can really remove stains from your upholstery and prevent your windows from cracking. Their equipment can siphon out dirt and help maintain your engine’s integrity. Always take your car for professional cleaning at least twice a month for optimal results.

2. Use Goo

Cars can be depositories for all sorts of debris and your brush can’t reach all of them. Some bits of debris are also difficult for even vacuums to pick up. That’s why you should use goo. You can easily purchase sticky goo that retains shape from any children’s toy store. Their malleable form helps it mold into corners and debris will stick into it easily. With this child’s toy, you can keep your dashboard and other crevices free of dirt. Just remember to dispose of the goo when it starts to lose its elasticity and stickiness, or else it may start to spread dirt than gather up.

3. Put in a Trash Can

As much as you’d like to avoid it, you’ll occasionally have to bring in things that could end up littering your floor. Unless you want your car to get cluttered, you’ll need to put it in a trash can. If you can’t find anything small enough to fit into your vehicle, you can always use a lidded cereal dispenser. These plastic bins make it easier to clean your vehicle and secure rubbish. You can also buy vehicle trash bins, but in a pinch cereal dispensers are perfect.

4. Silicon Cupcake Molds

Car cup holders are a blessing, especially if you love sipping beverages while driving. However, they also tend to attract dirt and other bits of debris. Condensation from your cups and drinks can also make things stick to the bottom of your cup holders. You can prevent this and catch dirt by using silicon cupcake molds to line your cup holders, making them easier to clean.

5.Get a Hanging Shoe Organizer

If you drive a lot of people around your vehicle, they may end up leave lots of things in the backseat. Your kids may need occasional snacks or you may want space aside from your glove compartment to keep things in. The perfect method to do so is to buy one of those hanging shoe organizers. Attach these to the back of your car seat and you’ll have a place to conveniently store a wide variety of objects without using valuable trunk and glove compartment space. These shoe organizers are also perfect for cleaning up easily, especially if they’re made of plastic because you can just give them a quick rinse.

6. Invest in a Car Cover

When you’re not using your car, resist the urge to simply park it in your garage and leave it there. Dust can accumulate on top of your car and slowly infiltrate its vents and interior. What’s more, debris and objects can fall on your car and scratch up to its paint job. Unless you want your car to look like a derelict, you should buy a canvas car cover. This protective shroud will ensure your car doesn’t get unduly sullied nor damaged while it’s in storage or long-term parking.

Cars are costly investments, and you should do everything you can to protect them from damage. These tips will help you ensure your car is clean and retains much of its value.

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