3 Insider Tips to Save Money on Disney Vacation Club Resorts

If you’re planning on going on a Disney vacation soon, you don’t want to miss out on staying at one of the resorts.

The experience at Disney Vacation Club Resorts makes the entire trip more worthwhile. But what holds many travelers weary of the resorts are the high costs.

However, there’s always a way to enjoy Disney Vacation Club Resorts without having to strain your wallet. You can enjoy the luxury and amenities at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get DVC Points

When you join the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) you’ll receive points that’ll work as discount vouchers for resorts.

You can look at an online marketplace to find DVC points for sale. This lets you buy DVC points at a discounted price. You want to rack up as many points as you can before your trip.

Once your trip begins, you can use DVC points to get discounts on the resort and other amenities.

2. Plan When You Travel

Another simple way to save money on Disney resorts is to know when to travel. Obviously, you must skip going during the usual tourist seasons such as the summer and spring break.

While Florida is warm during the winter, if you’re a Northerner, many locals still find it cold. Winter is often a great time to travel to Disney if you want lower costs. 

If you’re able to get time off during the week, that’s also a great option. Traveling to Disney during the week will save you significantly more than traveling over the weekend. Rates for staying at a resort are generally lower during the week as well.

Make sure you also don’t travel during holiday times. If traveling during the winter, avoid going to Disney during Thanksgiving Weekend or around Christmas.

3. Shop Around for Disney Vacation Club Resorts

With so many resorts available, you want to choose the ones that truly matter to you and your group.

For example, there are some resorts that are catered to families; others cater to couples. You can shop around and find the one that’s more affordable.

Disney Vacation Club Resorts also offer many great amenities. However, if you want to save money, you can opt out of any amenities you don’t need. For example, if you prefer to eat elsewhere, you can choose not to go with the dining buffet options.

Take your time to find the ideal resort for you. Make sure you find one that you’ll enjoy but also can afford before and after discounts.

See You at Disney

Now you know how to enjoy Disney Vacation Club Resorts without having to break the bank!

The first step is to get DVC points. You can buy these to get discounts on resorts as well as their amenities. Make sure you accumulate them before your trip.

You also need to know the best times to travel to Disney. Avoid weekends and holidays to get lower room rates. Opt out of any amenities that’ll unnecessarily rack up your bill.

If you need more tips on enjoying a great vacation, be sure to travel on over to our website.


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