The 7 Best Places to Live in Colorado for Families

Fun fact: Colorado has more mountains over 14,000 feet than any other place in the country. This is despite the fact that Colorado is not, on the whole, a mountainous region. At least 40% of it consists of the Eastern Plains.

Needless to say, this is a gorgeous state. It has a range of climates from freezing to temperate, with ski resort cities, low-crime-rate towns, and great outdoor activities. The question is, what are the best places to live in Colorado for families, specifically?

The answer is easy: there are too many to choose from! In this guide, we will discuss seven family-friendly places to live in Colorado.

1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs sits at the foot of Pikes Peak, a mountain range on the list of outdoorsmen across the nation. It comes in second place in terms of population, right after Denver. Despite having nearly half a million residents, it certainly doesn’t feel that crowded.

Naturally, there are plenty of options for outdoor fun for the little ones. Aside from the incredible mountains, you have the following destinations to add to your bucket list:

  • Ghost Town Museum
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Manitou Cliff dwellings 
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • May Natural History Museum

All in all, there are over 130 regional and community parks spread throughout Colorado Springs. If that wasn’t enough, the education here is unparalleled. The Cheyenne Mountain School District has received recognition as the number one school district across the state.

2. Fort Collins

Colorado State University makes its home in Fort Collins. As a college town, that makes it an excellent spot to raise young families. Despite holding such a renowned university, Fort Collins only has 165,000 annual residents.

Fort Collins gets higher reviews for low healthcare costs and a culture of active residents. Similar to Colorado Springs, it has a laundry list of parks and outdoor spaces. People are friendly, meaning you’re more likely to get a friendly HOA manager.

Aside from the obvious outdoor retreats when living in Colorado, Fort Collins still has a lot to do. There are seasonal farmer markets providing fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year. It also has a jaw-dropping library containing 140,000 child-friendly educational books in the catalog.

There are educational summer camps and museums to visit in the summer. It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of things to do. Especially for kids adapting to a new home.

3. Castle Rock

Castle Rock gets its name from the castle-like circle of cliffs near the city. Once just a suburb outside Denver, it’s now a worthwhile destination in its own right.

Breathtaking outdoor spaces and national parks come part and parcel with life in Colorado. That’s no different here. In addition to this, it has the high-performing Douglas County School District. 

Castle Rock is on the smaller side compared to what we’ve discussed so far. As of 2019, they reached 62,000 residents. The city continues to grow and has exploded its population in just the past decade.

4. Broomfield

We admit, the name is not all that thrilling. That said, there’s a lot to love in this cozy small town. Locals adore budget-friendly housing, low unemployment rate, and low poverty rate.

Just like its predecessors on this list, the schools here perform highly compared to the national average. There’s even a STEM-focused curriculum that jumpstarts kids on that career path. Similar to Castle Rock, it’s a quiet hub between Denver and Boulder.

What else is there to do in Broomfield? You have farmers’ markets, the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and the campus for the University of Colorado. Your kids could very well grow from little tots up to college-age students, all without leaving Broomfield.

5. Littleton

Littleton is another former suburb of Denver. It straddles the line between a bustling city and a calm suburban life. Translation: there’s a lot to do here, especially for kids.

This is one of the places to live that has the best blend of everything. The 1,400 outdoor locations give you options for hiking, summer fly fishing, and kayaking.

Many of the local parks are kid-oriented. There is a Littleton Museum, which caters mostly to families. Plus, Littleton Public Schools have received Colorado’s most distinguished accreditation award seven years in a row.

6. Greeley

Looking for a community that has a reputation first and foremost for the arts? Look no further than Greeley. Its primary contribution to Colorado’s economy is through culture, entertainment, and artistic representation.

Greeley is on the up and up. There are tons of jobs, and household incomes are higher than ever. Local investments keep the place expanding rather than decaying.

Don’t let that make you think this is an expensive city. In fact, some have rated Greeley as one of Colorado’s most affordable places to live. All categories of living costs are low, ensuring you can afford to raise your family here.

To the north of Greeley is Pawnee National Grassland. It’s a protected region encompassing 193,000 acres. Here, you can go biking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, or simply stargazing.

7. Aspen

When people think of Aspen, they think of luxury ski resorts and wealthy seasonal communities. However, there are more reasons to live here than stable jobs in tourism.

Some call it the “city of everlasting spring.” This is thanks to temperatures that hardly drop beneath 32° throughout the year. That makes Aspen an incredible place to live in if you like snow without bone-chilling temperatures.

Despite being home to world-renowned ski resorts and five-star dining, you won’t feel invaded by tourists. The local population hovers around 7,500 residents. In other words, you and your kids will retain your privacy and sense of community.

Notably, Aspen has smaller class sizes–and therefore better education. Thanks to the hospitality industry, job opportunities are plentiful. All things considered, it’s a surprisingly excellent place for family rearing.

Move to the Best Places to Live in Colorado for Families

The best places to live in Colorado for families range from tiny tourist towns like Aspen to burgeoning economic powerhouses like Colorado Springs. Colorado has a place for every type of person. Consider beginning your family life in Colorado at a location on this list.

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