What Are the Main Steps to Starting a Restaurant?

Are you thinking about either starting a restaurant or buying an existing one? 

There are certain steps that any would-be restaurateur needs to take to ensure success. Knowing these steps and acting on them diligently can be the difference between reaching your restaurant dreams or being another has-been in the restaurant graveyard.

In this article, we break down the main steps to starting a restaurant.

Choose a Restaurant Concept and Brand

The restaurant concept should be chosen based on the type of customers the restaurant is catering to. Next, take the time to research the competition and trends in the restaurant industry to determine what kind of menu offerings and décor motifs are most successful.

Once the restaurant concept and brand have been determined, it is important to create a clear brand identity, including logos, slogans, and website content. Finally, it is critical to find ways to set the restaurant apart from competitors. This can be accomplished through unique menu items, special promotions, or an innovative atmosphere. 

Write a Restaurant Business Plan

To create a restaurant business management plan, there are several key steps to consider. First, research potential markets, locations, and competition. Identify the target customer and develop a detailed description of the restaurant. 

Determine the staffing needs for both the kitchen and front-of-house personnel. Estimate the start-up costs as well as the cost to cover all operational expenses. Create projected cash flow statements and revenue models tied to projected sales goals. 

Create Your Menu

Creating a menu is an essential step for starting a restaurant. It is important to determine your concept and style before creating a menu so you know what type of foods to include on the menu. Research local foods, current trends, and what other similar restaurants are serving.

Additionally, consider what unique items you can provide. Once you have an idea of what to include, decide how many items will be on the menu and how they will be priced. Create an organized menu template that lists all the items and prices. 

Obtain Restaurant Funding

Obtaining restaurant funding is an essential part of starting a restaurant. It requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the success of the business. The first step to obtaining restaurant funding is to develop a detailed business plan outlining the concept and vision for the restaurant.

This plan should include a detailed marketing strategy, financial projections, and budget. After developing the business plan, potential business owners should research available funding sources, including banks, venture capital firms, and angel investors. 

Choose a Location and Lease a Commercial Space

For those wanting to start a restaurant, some of the first steps that should be taken are choosing a location and leasing a commercial space.

It is important to find an area that is accessible to potential customers, and that will fit the needs of the business. Factors to consider include the rent price, building size, accessibility of the space, and parking availability. 

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Read About When Starting a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is no easy feat. Through research and planning, you can ensure a successful restaurant launch. From deciding what type of restaurant to operate to creating a business plan and determining the legal aspects, there are many steps to take. 

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