Top 5 Errors in Business Email Management and How to Avoid Them

About 347.3 billion emails are sent every day; a 7% increase since 2020. The average person sends and receives 121 business emails every day. If you’re neglecting proper email management, you’ll never hit inbox zero.

Here are five errors in business email management you should strive to avoid. With these tips, you can clear your inbox to minimize stress and disorganization. Read on to learn more.

1. Replying to All

When you receive an email sent to multiple recipients, don’t reply to all. Instead, review the business email recipient field. Consider who will receive your response and if they actually need to hear it.

In some cases, you could unintentionally send sensitive information to the wrong people if you click “Reply All.”

Make sure you’re not missing the CC and BCC fields, either.

Usually, the recipients in the To field will take action on the email. If someone was CC’d, they’re getting kept in the loop. Chances are, they don’t need to take action after reading the first email.

Consider who needs to be kept in the discussion before responding to messages.

When responding, make sure you’re not writing a novel. The proper length of emails falls between 50 and 125 words. Make sure your messages are clear and concise.

Consider using bullet points to make your emails easier to read. End each message with a clear call to action.

2. Subscribing to Newsletters

Companies love sending email newsletters, but they don’t always belong in your business inbox. Determine which newsletters provide value or benefit your ability to do your job. Consider unsubscribing to multiple emails using a tool.

Instead of subscribing to multiple newsletters, consider using social media networks or RSS to remain informed. 

3. Not Using Tools

Using tools and automation can help you remain organized and efficient. Consider visiting this homepage to unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and easily delete messages.

Find tools that save you time and energy. For example, Mailstrom can identify related emails. You can act on them as a group instead of studying emails one by one. 

4. Sending Too Many Emails

Avoid sending too many emails throughout the day. Emails are usually used to communicate quick, well-formulated messages. If you need to communicate with a group, consider using a tool like Slack or another messaging platform. 

Emails aren’t suitable for extended group conversations or brainstorming. Use proper business email etiquette to avoid annoying others. 

5. Checking Emails Too Often

Try to avoid checking your email throughout the day. Each time you stop to read and respond to emails, your productivity drops. Instead, schedule time in the morning, after lunch, and before leaving work to check your emails.

Scheduling set times to check your emails can help you focus on more complex tasks. 

Avoid These Errors in Business Email Management

These errors in business email management could affect your productivity and ability to focus on your work. Instead, use these tips to improve your business email etiquette. With the right tools, you can remain organized and efficient.

Make a change for the better today.

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