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What Are the Benefits of a Walking Epidural?

More than 50% of women in labor will have an epidural to help them through it.

While getting a regular epidural helps with the pain, it can sometimes be uncomfortable or cause side effects. But by using a walking epidural, you have the best of both worlds.

A walking epidural is a technique in which anesthesia eases labor pain during a procedure while still allowing the patient to move. This type of epidural has many benefits compared to the standard epidural. So keep reading to learn about these benefits.

Complete Mobility

The person who receives a walking epidural can remain completely mobile. This means they can move two feet on their own instead of remaining still while the injection is administered.

This can benefit those who need to remain in the hospital or are on a tight work schedule. And it is a great option for those who can’t afford to be laid in bed for too long. 

Reduced Labor-Related Pain

The walking epidural can reduce labor pain by blocking the pain signals sent from the uterus and cervix to the brain. It even allows for more effective uterine contractions, so it helps to reduce the duration of labor.

Reduced Risk of Infection and Venous Thrombosis

The main benefits associated with a walking epidural are reduced risk of infection and venous thrombosis. Due to the mechanics of the walking epidural, the number of complications from infection is reduced due to the patient. The patient’s mobility decreases their venous thrombosis change as the lower extremities are in constant motion. 

Better Placenta Formation

A walking epidural offers great benefits when it comes to forming the placenta. It helps mothers to maintain an upright posture, which can help the blood flow reach the uterus more effectively. This is what leads to better placenta formation. 

Reduced Need for Additional Pain Medications or Interventions

Walking epidurals reduce the need for additional labor pain medications or interventions. This is because they allow the patient to maintain a natural birth plan. They decrease the intensity of the pain that may need medication or interventions. 

Enhanced Postpartum Recovery

Enhanced postpartum recovery is one of the greatest benefits of a walking epidural. During postpartum, mothers go through many changes as they adjust to their new role as caregivers.

Because walking epidurals provide moms with the ability to move around, this can help reduce pain and assist with the transition. For more info regarding the treatment, visit

Have a More Successful Pregnancy With Walking Epidurals

A walking epidural provides several unique benefits to both mothers and their babies. It can help reduce stress levels, reduce labor time, and reduce the need for any kind of additional pain medications or interventions.

But if you’re a future mother, it is essential to discuss the option of a walking epidural with your healthcare provider. This will help you decide if it is the right option for you.

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