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3 Tips for Staying Safe as a Nurse

It’s the simple ones that get away, they say. The simple slips that cost lives.

It’s particularly true of healthcare in the 21st century. Care is accelerating, efficiency is ramping up, and there’s more to think about than ever before. The sheer quantity of considerations can make it easy to overlook something or just lose momentum. In the worst cases, it can cost lives.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever for a nurse to stay safe. How can you make sure the safety of others doesn’t get compromised? Read on for a few critical safety tips for nurses.

1. Utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As a nurse, it is important to utilize the necessary protective gear and techniques in all healthcare settings. Taking proper safety precautions is essential to protect you and your patients from the spread of germs.
You can prevent the spread of infection by utilizing the proper Personal Protective Equipment, such as:

  • gloves
  • facemask
  • gowns
  • eyewear

Always ensure that the PPE is properly fitted and in good condition, and discard any disposable items after each patient. During less risky activities, like carrying out clerical work, it’s important to keep a facial covering on at all times. Safety should always be top of mind, and proper use of PPE is essential to optimize safety in the medical field.

2. Learning Infection Control Protocols

As a nurse, learning infection control protocols is a crucial part of staying safe. First and foremost, it’s essential to learn proper hand hygiene techniques.

This means washing hands with soap and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When using gloves, change them between patient contact. One must learn about proper disposal techniques for items that have come into contact with infectious material.

Finally, knowing the workplace policies and laws regarding infection control is a must. Different settings will have different protocols. Safety as a hospital nurse will be different from a correctional nurse safety.

It is also important to update yourself with health protocols in case of any changes. Health facilities regularly align themselves with the situation and health issues in the area.

3. Establishing Boundaries With Patients and Families

Nurses should be aware of the importance of establishing healthy boundaries with patients and families. Setting limits for how you interact and communicate with patients and families is beneficial. Nurses should try to be as clear and consistent as possible.

Nurses should also remember that it’s important to take care of themselves by doing things like taking regular breaks and not allowing their personal boundaries to be crossed. Nurses should strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace by being mindful of their boundaries and those of their colleagues. In doing so, they can ensure they provide the best quality care possible.

Safety as a Nurse is Paramount

A nursing career is a rewarding yet difficult job. It’s important to remain vigilant and follow safety tips to ensure your health and well-being. Wearing personal protective equipment, washing your hands frequently, seeking help when needed, and taking breaks when needed can keep you safe. Follow these tips to stay safe as a nurse. 

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