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How to Find a Job After Serving in the Military

Veterans have great work ethics and skills. Some of the best candidates in the job market come from those who’ve served.

Truly, you can’t put a price on character and experience. But, the process of finding a job after serving in the military can be a tricky one.

It’s not uncommon for people to be worried about finding a job after active duty. Find out how to get started in your search for career opportunities that you’re happy with.

Know Your Transferable Skills

Knowing your transferable skills is essential when transitioning from military service to civilian life. Ask yourself which of your expertise pay gap is the closest match and find which firms are hiring in those fields.

Highlight and include those skills on resumes, cover letters, and job applications. You should also consider creating a personal webpage to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and employment objectives. Additionally, connect with prior service members on sites like LinkedIn.

Make Connections Within the Civilian Workforce

It is absolutely vital for those leaving the military to seek out advice and mentorship from those in the civilian job market. Those who have transitioned to the civilian world can be invaluable resources for advice, job leads, and insight into the job search process.

Connecting with associations, veterans, and employers in your field of interest will help you develop the key contacts necessary to increase your chances of finding employment. This strategy allows veterans to learn from other’s experiences and establish connections with potential employers.

Use Available Resources Through Veteran Services

Finding a job after serving in the military is a daunting process, but one that can be made easier by utilizing the resources available through veteran services. These documents may be needed for job applications and provide valuable information to potential employers.

Additionally, veterans should take full advantage of Veteran Affairs services, such as employment services and other resources that may be available to veterans in their state. Doing research into employers that have a track record of hiring jobs for veterans can help with the process as well. 

Find Mentors in Your Field of Interest

Network with professional associations, follow industry leaders and even attend conferences or seminars where you can meet those who are currently employed or running their own business.

Connect with mentors who are willing to provide honest guidance, act as references, or share valuable knowledge, such as tips on job opportunities. Asking to meet with them for coffee or lunch is a great way to build relationships and gain insight into what it takes to succeed in a specific industry. 

Market Yourself and Your Qualifications

If you’ve served in the military, marketing yourself and your qualifications can be a great way to find a job. Understand what makes you unique and think of ways to convey that to prospective employers. Highlight the skills you gained during your service that are applicable to the job.

Develop your online presence by creating a profile on networking sites and on any job-related websites. Have your resume ready to review, and add any volunteering or internship experiences that showcase your qualifications and skills. 

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Explore About Serving in the Military

Serving in the military is a great way to gain valuable experience, earn potential job-search bonuses, and use helpful job websites. With a quality resume and plenty of preparation, finding a job after military service is possible.

Take the time to explore available resources and networks to increase your chances of success. 

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