Warehouse Cleaning: How to Keep Your Facility Tidy

In a corporate environment, it’s easy to be checking your work email. Not realizing that a crumb from your morning coffee is currently sitting at the table. When you return, that crumb is suddenly very noticeable. Yet despite that attention, it’s always still there.

Warehouse cleaning has a similar issue. You think you’ve tidied everything, only for boxes to appear in places they shouldn’t be. You put them back where they belong, but soon they’re back out again.

When is a warehouse clean enough to be truly clean? How can you boost the effectiveness of your current cleaning process?

This article will look at some of the most effective warehouse management housekeeping. This will give you a few tips to ensure a healthy and happy workplace.

Automate Processes

Automating processes is a great way to keep your warehouse clean and tidy. Automation can take care of mundane tasks. By efficiently organizing the space, precious time can be saved and mistakes can be minimized or avoided.

Additionally, automation can be used to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. Automation sensors can also be used to detect spills, improper storage, and other hazards so they are dealt with efficiently and safely.

Use Barriers for Safety and Organizing

Warehouse cleaning is a necessary part of keeping any facility tidy and organized. Using physical barriers like pallet racking, plastic partitions, and safety netting can help keep the warehouse safe and organized.

For instance, pallet racks keep dangerous items away from walkways and other areas of the warehouse. While plastic partitions can help separate products while you clean and organize, safe netting is ideal for containing spills and falls.

Barriers can also be used in other areas such as near emergency exits and to create staging areas to organize products. Investing in warehouse barriers will not only help improve safety and organization but will also help make the cleaning process easier and less time-consuming.

Use of Ergonomic Equipment

Using ergonomic equipment is one of the warehouse cleaning tips for those who want to keep the facility tidy. Ergonomic equipment can help reduce strain on warehouse employees’ bodies while performing their daily duties.

Ergonomically designed carts can be used to move large objects with less effort.  While ergonomically designed lifts can be used to move heavier objects safely and easily.  Ergonomic shelving can be used to store items, taking up only the necessary space.

Ergonomic ladders can also be used to reach higher heights in the warehouse without having to strain or overexert oneself. All of these pieces of ergonomic equipment should be considered when keeping a warehouse clean and organized.

Supply Plenty of Waste Bins

One way you can make sure your warehouse remains tidy is by providing plenty of waste bins. Waste bins should be placed throughout the facility, both indoors and outdoors, as well as near entrances and exits, in food preparation and break rooms, in washrooms, and throughout the workspace.

Waste bins should be clearly labeled and emptied to avoid an overflow. If necessary, secure waste bins with a lid to deter pests and vermin. Collection points for recyclables should be marked and kept separate from differing types of waste.

Regular cleaning can also help maintain a tidy environment, with attention given to machinery, floors, low-level surfaces, and employee areas. Monitor all activity to ensure regulations are being met and safety precautions are being observed.

Use Labeling System

It is important to implement an effective labeling system to ensure your warehouse remains organized and tidy. This should include labels for any items that are consistently stored in the same location.

Roll of magnetic labels is an effective and important tool for keeping track of warehouse tools and assets. They are inexpensive and easy to use, allowing employees to quickly and easily categorize items.

Add High Volume Products Near the Shipping Area

Keep the high volume of your products near the shipping area. It can help speed up the packaging and shipping process. Having an organized, clean warehouse makes things easier to find, while a chaotic storage space can slow down the whole process.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help avoid any dirt or debris buildup that can accumulate throughout a warehouse over time. Make sure to create designated areas for different product categories. Also, create defined aisles that are easy to navigate.


With the rise of environmental awareness, recycling has become a top priority for warehouse owners. Recycling has become a way to reduce waste, promote sustainability, and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment. Keeping your warehouse clean should be a part of your recycling efforts.

Start by sorting recyclables into separate containers like paper, plastic, metal, and glass. Create a designated area for each recyclable. Clearly mark the containers to avoid any confusion. Make sure all employees know where the recycling bins are located. 

Assign Zones and Employee Responsibility

To keep the warehouse tidy it is important to assign zones and employee responsibility.  Start by drawing a floor plan for the warehouse. Then adding zones for different activities and departments. Once the zones are established assign employees to be in charge of keeping each zone clean and organized. 

Enforcing guidelines and expectations will help keep the warehouse looking clean and presentable. All employees should be on board with the cleanliness and organization and be willing to take an active role in making sure the warehouse stays tidy.

Prepare for Your Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse cleaning shouldn’t be a daunting task. Working together as a team, ensuring equipment is in the right place, and having a plan are all keys to keeping the facility tidy.

A clean warehouse is essential for efficiency and following these steps will ensure just that. Start now and get your warehouse clean and organized!

If you are looking for additional tips aside from how to run your shipping or warehousing business, be sure to check out our blog.


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