Viking History: Everything You Need to Know

What do you think of when you think of Vikings?

If you answered “ferocious raiders,” you’re not wrong. But there’s much more to the history of Vikings than pillaging and plundering. The Vikings were known for their ability to adapt.

This tendency allowed them to colonize almost all of northern Europe. And their influence reached as far as North America. To find out more about Viking history, keep reading.

The Ancient Norsemen

This term refers to Scandinavian seafarers, explorers, and warriors who raided, traded and settled on the shores of Europe. Viking history is closely linked to its geographical location between the Atlantic and the Baltic. It was rich in resources and offered plenty of opportunities for raiding and exploration.

The Viking Age was characterized by seafaring, trading, raiding, and colonization. They founded kingdoms such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden during this period. 

The Vikings were also known as early innovators of shipbuilding, navigation, mapping, and military tactics. They were some of the bravest and most daring of their time, and their legacy lives on in history today.

Vast Expansion

They traveled as far east as the distant reaches of the Black and Caspian Seas and as far west as Newfoundland. This expansion was done mainly by sea and through rivers and land. This significant expansion opened trading routes with Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

It also opened up political alliances and the conquest of new lands. The Vikings became a prominent political and economic force in Europe and beyond during this period.

Even today, the legacy of Viking expansion and power is felt in countries ranging from Iceland to the United Kingdom. If you are a big fan of this history, you may check this page on Viking apparel and incorporate it into your style in no time!

Raids and Exploration

From the 9th to late 11th centuries, Vikings explored and raided many places that would not have been possible without their daring spirit and keen ability to traverse the seas. They sometimes attained control of strategically located islands as bases and posts for their raids and further foreign expansion.

Their marauding of coasts throughout Europe, Asia, and even our shores of North America left their mark in the form of cultural changes, trade, and even architectural styles.

As a whole, their raids and exploration helped to shape the world we live in today. Although some accounts of their actions may be seen as unsavory, there is no mistaking their importance in shaping world history.

Uncovering the Buried Treasures

Uncovering the buried treasures of the Viking age is a rewarding experience for archeologists and history enthusiasts alike. Found artifacts like weapons, jewelry, pottery, coins, and even ships all help reveal a lot about the Viking culture and its adventurers. 

Archeologists use a variety of approaches to peel back the layers of history, one discovery at a time. There is still much to discover and uncover about the Northern raiders and settlers of long ago who left behind such incredible treasures.

Understanding Viking History

Viking history is rich and complex, with so much to learn! To expand that knowledge, we suggest contacting a local expert. By engaging with those in the community, we can better understand this influential culture and the impact they still have today.

So, why wait? Learn all you can starting today!

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