GAK9 Sport Tracking: A Game Changer for Dog Trainers

Are you a dog trainer looking for a new way to keep your clients entertained and engaged? Sport tracking is taking the world by storm as the newest hobby for dog owners and trainers alike. GAK9 Sport Tracking is the perfect residual business model to keep your initial obedience clients coming back year after year.

For those of you who have already delved into sport tracking, you know the potential revenue to be made from offering this type of service. But what about those of us who are just getting started? What are the benefits of setting up a GAK9 Sport Tracking system?

In this article, I’ll share my best tips for getting started with GAK9 Sport Tracking, as well as the potential business opportunities available for aspiring or current dog trainers. Keep reading to discover how GAK9 Sport Tracking can help establish a successful residual business model for you—and your furry clients!

What Is GAK9 Sport Tracking?

Do you want to take your dog training business to the next level? GAK9 Sport Tracking might just be the game-changer you’re looking for.

GAK9 is an advanced technology that combines GPS tracking, Bluetooth, and a proprietary app to create a fun, interactive way for dogs to explore and learn. It works by attaching a tracking device to your dog’s collar. Once activated, you can use the app to chart paths that your dog can follow and complete challenges along the way.

It’s not only fun for dogs; it’s an incredible learning opportunity for trainers. With GAK9 Sport Tracking, you have real-time control of your dog’s routes, allowing you to customize their training—whether it’s basic obedience lessons or complex tasks—all from the convenience of your phone. Plus, with built-in rewards like virtual treats or exclusive content, you can reward good behavior and make sure training is enjoyable for both you and your client’s pup in one!

Benefits of GAK9 Sport Tracking for Dogs

Signing your current or prospective obedience clients up for GAK9 Sport Tracking is a great way to keep them engaged for years to come. The sport tracking badge uses modern technology to monitor and reward dogs for their successes in sport tracking areas such as agility, scent work, and field work. With the badge, dogs can earn points that can be tracked online and exchanged for various rewards—an excellent motivator for your clients’ four-legged friends!

But the benefits of using GAK9 Sport Tracking don’t end there. It also provides a fun way to channel canine energy into productive activities, helping with obedience and teaching them good habits. Plus, it’s an excellent way to help bond between dog owners and their pups. As an added bonus, it’s even possible to compete in world events with other GAK9 Sport Tracking users around the world!

In short, GAK9 Sport Tracking is the perfect business opportunity for dog trainers looking to offer a residual service that will keep their loyal clients engaged and enthusiastic year after year.

Benefits of GAK9 Sport Tracking for Dog Trainers

As a dog trainer, you know there is no better residual business model than GAK9 Sport Tracking. With this technology, you can offer your clients the chance to keep their dogs active and entertained for years and even take their training to the next level. Here are just a few of the benefits that GAK9 Sport Tracking can provide dog trainers:

Customizable tracking

GAK9 Sports Tracking offers customizable tracking that allows you to tailor activities for each of your clients’ dogs. This customizable nature lets you offer specific activities for different breeds and temperaments, making it easier for your clients to get the best out of their training.

Fun activities

GAK9 Sports Tracking also offers fun and engaging activities such as obstacle courses and agility challenges. These activities will help keep your dog owners engaged and motivated while having fun with their pups. You can also use GAK9 Sports Tracking as an incentive system to reward clients as they progress through their training sessions.


The real power behind the GAK9 Sport Tracking technology is its ability to motivate both owners and dogs alike. Owners can track their pup’s progress in real-time, get feedback on how they’re doing through leaderboards, challenges, badges, etc., while also having access to a supportive online community via social media platforms. All these features are designed to maximize engagement and make tracking fun for both pet owners and trainers alike.

With GAK9 Sport Tracking, you have all the tools you need for a successful business venture that helps keep people engaged with their pup—long after traditional obedience classes conclude!

Steps to Setting Up GAK9 Sport Tracking

Ready to jump into the world of sport tracking with GAK9? Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Sign up for a GAK9 account, which includes the dog tracking device.
  2. Buy or rent additional equipment such as a visual tracking device and/or GPS collars.
  3. Create an action plan with your clients and their pooches, based on their individual needs, wants, and ambitions as far as tracking.
  4. Test out different activities with your clients and their dogs—for example, jogging or biking with dogs who love physical activity, or gentle walks and hikes taking advantage of nature trails for those looking for a more relaxed experience.
  5. Utilize GAK9’s analytics system to monitor progress and measure success! Keep track of how far each pup has traveled, how quickly they move, how long they rest periods are and more! This is a great way to show your customers their pups’ accomplishments along the way!
  6. Finally, offer your customers rewards or incentives so they can be motivated in reaching their goals.
  7. Track successes with GAK9 and share them online – this will help you grow your business by attracting new customers through social media posts!

Strategies for Utilizing GAK9 Sport Tracking to Grow Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, GAK9 Sport tracking can be an absolute game changer. As an experienced or aspiring dog trainer, you can take advantage of this trend by offering tracking sport as an extra service to your obedience training clients.

Here are a few strategies you can use:

Establish a Training Program

Create a curriculum that is designed to train your clients and their dogs on how to use the GAK9 systems properly. This not only serves as an upsell opportunity but also helps ensure customers will be long-term users of the product, thus creating more residual income for you.

Offer Demo Sessions

Organize group demonstrations so that potential customers can see how easy and effective the GAK9 Sport Tracking system is in practice. After seeing it in action, they’ll be more likely to convert and become ongoing customers for your dog training services.

Use GAK9 for Owned Promotional Events

Instead of relying solely on traditional advertising methods, hold tracking events with GAK9 gear so potential customers can experience firsthand the features it offers—all while learning about the other services you offer as a trainer.

By using one or more of these strategies for utilizing GAK9 Sport Tracking, trainers have a great opportunity to grow their business and increase their customer base. Give your current or future customers something fun and engaging to do with their dogs, while also growing your own business—all thanks to the power of GAK9 Sport Tracking!

Tips for Using GAK9 With Hard to Train Dogs

If you’re a dog trainer, you know that not all breeds and temperaments are the same. Some dogs are more challenging than others to train, but it doesn’t make them any less of a good pup. With GAK9 Sport Tracking, you can easily tackle even the most obstinate training challenges. Here’s how:

Build a rapport

In order to make sure that your hard-to-train dog stays focused and happy, start by developing a close bond with them. When they trust you, they’ll be more willing to listen and work hard on the tasks ahead.

Positive reinforcement works wonders

Having an enjoyable activity like GAK9 Sport Tracking can be great for your pup’s motivation. If they succeed in tracking activities or reach their goals, reward them with a fun treat or verbal encouragement. A positive connection between you and your pup will help them to stay excited about playing games with GAK9 Sport Tracking in the long run.

Play to their strengths

Some breeds have instincts better suited for tracking than others. For example, certain gun dogs may have an easier time understanding tracking commands and navigating terrain compared to other breeds — play to their strengths as well as weaknesses when training with GAK9 Sport Tracking gear!

With these tips, even the most difficult canines can become GAK9 Sport Tracking pros in no time at all!


Becoming a GAK9 Sport Tracker can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both financially and personally. It’s the perfect opportunity for current or aspiring dog trainers to maximize the long-term benefits of their business. With the introductions of GAK9 Sport Tracking, dog owners and trainers alike can enjoy hours of fun, physical activity, and camaraderie. It’s a game changer for dog owners and trainers alike, and this is just the beginning.

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