Vacation Guide for Palm Desert

When it comes to iconic desert Oases, glitzy Palm Springs often gets all of the attention. After all, this exclusive enclave has long been home to the Coachella crowd and the international jet-set.

The bright lights cast by Palm Springs tend to cast a shadow over its overlooked and more low-key cousin – Palm Desert.

Located in the Greater Palm Springs area, Palm Desert offers the stunning vistas and California calm of Palm Springs, without the crowds and sky-high prices.

With that in mind, check out this quick guide to find out exactly why you need to visit Palm Desert in 2023. 

Where is Palm Desert?

Before you plan your Palm Desert vacation, it’s worth breaking down why the location is such a powerful selling point. Palm Desert is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley, just a stone’s throw away from better-known Palm Springs.

Nestled between the jaw-dropping Santa Rosa Mountains and San Jacinto Mountain Range, Palm Desert appears on the horizon like a glimmering mirage as you approach it on the desert highway.

The kicker? Downtown Los Angeles and San Diego can both be reached in under two hours from Palm Desert, making it the perfect SoCal hub. 

A True Desert Oasis

People flock to Palm Springs for the shopping and the midcentury modern architecture. Palm Desert, however, is all about nature. Many Palm Desert resorts offer excursions for exploring the unique natural scenery.

You can camp out in the lunar moonscape of the surrounding desert, replete with rare flora and fauna. Meanwhile, many local tour companies offer adventure drives along the San Andreas fault line, which runs parallel to this quiet city.

If you’d rather see it all from above, feel free to take a hot air balloon ride over the surrounding mountain ranges. 

The Perfect Spot for a Desert Bolthole

The appeal of nearby Palm Springs comes largely from its reputation as a second-home hotspot for the well-heeled.

Of course, with this reputation comes sky-high prices for rentals, properties, and timeshares. Fortunately, the Palm Desert market isn’t quite so overheated.

If you want a spot you can call your own for a few weeks out of the year, you can opt for a Westin timeshare in the heart of Palm Desert at much more accessible price points than what you might find over in Palm Springs.

There is a well-developed market for timeshare vacations in Palm Desert. When combined with accessible pricing, this is what makes this destination a worthwhile pick for anyone seeking a secret getaway in the California desert. 

Unlock the Road Less Travelled This Summer 

Palm Desert has a lot going for it. You’ll find great restaurants, boutique resorts, and unforgettable nature. By choosing the road less traveled, you can save money and avoid crowds.

If you’re looking for more tips on the hidden gems that belong in your summer itinerary, we have got you covered.

Make sure to check out our dedicated Travel section for expert tips on how to do things differently for your next trip. 


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