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Experienced auto transport companies who offer multiple services – like shipment tracking and insurance coverage – are important when transporting exotic or high-value project vehicles between Philadelphia and New York or Pittsburgh and Washington. Here’s how to ship your vehicle:

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No matter whether it is for work or vacation purposes or to import your car from abroad, Pennsylvania offers various auto transport options available. Reputable transport companies can save time, money, and stress by overseeing all details related to vehicle shipping.

As soon as you contact an agent for a quote, be sure to get full disclosure about any additional fees, charges or hidden costs that might incur like these. Doing this will ensure you know exactly what costs will incur and any surprises that come later on will be less of a surprise than you think – finding reliable Pennsylvania auto shipping companies might just be easier than expected!

Saving on car transport to Pennsylvania can also be achieved by scheduling it during the off-season. Prices tend to increase during peak summer season due to high demand; by shipping during fall or winter you may benefit from lower rates while avoiding some peak season extra expenses.


Before handing your car or belongings over to an auto transport company, be sure to remove any items of personal value such as your CDs. This will protect them from being damaged during transport and help ensure it returns in exactly the same condition as when dropped off.

Also before shipping your car, it’s essential that it be thoroughly cleaned. This will prevent dirt or debris from being left behind and scratching the paint during its journey to Pennsylvania. Ideally, washing it with soap and water the day prior is recommended to ensure there’s no moisture or dust on its surface upon pickup.

Drain all fluids from your vehicle prior to shipping it across state lines in Pennsylvania; this will prevent your engine from overheating during transport and make the transport process smoother for all involved. Whenever choosing enclosed auto transport in PA, it’s always important to check with them to see what fluids they recommend taking out. Also, having a full tank of gas in order to minimize the risk of an overflow causing costly repairs or replacements later.

When selecting a vehicle transport company in Pennsylvania, selecting one familiar with its terrain will make the experience simpler for all involved. Such companies are better prepared to manage any challenges that might arise such as narrow streets or low-hanging trees during transporting processes.

Pennsylvania auto transport companies tend to be familiar with the traffic patterns and regulations that affect vehicle shipping within their home state, potentially saving both money and time by preventing delays during your car’s shipment from or to Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania, as the ninth-most populous state in the US, sees many moving vehicles moving across state lines. Therefore, booking auto transport services well ahead of time gives your chosen company enough time to find carriers passing through Pennsylvania and makes for a smoother experience both for them and you.

Pickup of rental items may take place either at a company terminal, your residence or both. Opting for the latter option will reduce pickup and drop-off times while also saving some cash – simply be present for pick up as it will still require scheduling around your own schedule.

Once you’ve booked your service, a representative will provide an estimated date when the driver will come and load up your vehicle onto their truck, after which they’ll require you to sign a document certifying its readiness for transport. It is always advisable to inspect your vehicle prior to allowing it to be shipped; this can help prevent any issues upon delivery.


Car shipping services provide an effective solution to alleviate stress, wear-and-tear costs, and money worries related to driving it yourself. When selecting an appropriate auto shipping company, your vehicle will arrive quickly and safely at its destination.

Once you’ve located a trustworthy company, the next step should be arranging vehicle pickup (learn how to do that here: To make things as convenient and simple as possible, book transport as early as possible so you have time to prepare your vehicle and plan other aspects of your Pennsylvania move.

Before your vehicle can be loaded onto a truck, you must provide copies of its title and an inspection report signed by you and sent in for processing. After being loaded onto the truck, they’ll call to let you know it has been picked up and is heading toward its new home – either your preferred location or to an auction lot in another state.

No matter whether it’s for permanent relocation or just an extended vacation, hiring a professional car transport company can make the process simpler and more hassle-free. By comparing prices and reviews to find the most appropriate option within your budget. Working with knowledgeable brokers gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive exactly in its original state from when it left the factory.

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