The Last of Human Connection: Sending Flowers

Beyond Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, sending flowers has always been a necessary and timeless way to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them.

It is also one of the best ways to capture and communicate an emotion, celebration, or moment– and we, as Sahola Flowers, take pride in every delivery.

Despite flowers never going out of touch, the origins of sending flowers dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Roman Empire.

This later spread throughout the world. Other cultures fine-tuned these to their customs and beliefs. Particularly during the Victorian era in the UK, flowers were the harbingers of a variety of messages as they were constrained by strict social etiquette. This limited communication, particularly with bachelors seeking to court their love interest, popularized using flowers as a means to bridge connections, spark love and joy, and continues to do so today.

Additionally, the Victorians had many rules for giving flowers. For example, if someone bought an elegant bouquet of roses from a florist and presented it to the receiver upside down, the receiver was sure to be angry. This is because red roses were thought to symbolize anger if gifted upside down.

Today, flowers are as popular as ever. During the height of the pandemic, Sahola Flowers clients would call us left and right– showing that distance is never an issue to show someone you care. We’ve received messages ranging from casual “hello” to “congratulations” for their very first job.

Here are some reasons why flowers are the best thing to send for any message or occasion:

    Zero calories, no sugar, yet instantly lifts anyone’s mood – Flowers are a time-tested and harmless way (save for particular allergies) to show your love.
    Not a lily kinda gal? That’s A-okay. Finding a design or specific floral that matches each personality or message is what we do best.
    They don’t last forever, but that’s what’s special about them – The flowers reveal their beauty slowly. Although you may choose to encase flowers in resin, hang them to dry or capture their beauty through paintings or photos, nothing is as beautiful as the moment you receive them.

We believe flowers have evolved to be truly irreplaceable, a slice of mother nature, crafted and designed to display genuine love and the beauty of human connection. Their finite beauty and unpredictability also serve as direct reminders to the joy and finality of being human.

Ultimately, nothing can replace being physically present for someone. But, if there is such a thing that comes remotely close, love is best sent with flowers. Sahola Flowers takes pride in being the message bearers of love, light and emotion, providing same-day delivery throughout the 4 boroughs of New York such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New Jersey.

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