4 Factors to Consider When Repainting Your Car

Cars have sadly become an essential part of everyday life. As cities and communities grow, certain areas and amenities may become unreachable unless you have your own car. For example, you may live in one suburb but drop off your kids at school in another and go to work on the other side of town. Without a car, you’d find that getting to all these places at once can be impossible. They’re important investments to the modern person, even if they are getting very expensive.

But just as important as owning a car is what color you want your car to be. The tint of your high-profile vehicle can determine if you can sell it for a hefty price. The color of your vehicle can also determine whether a police vehicle will stop your car more often.

Here are four tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking of repainting your own car.

  1. Determine the Cost of a Paint Job

You may want to change the color of your vehicle but depending on what type of paint or what color you want, the cost can be astronomical. Certain paint colors have become rarer over time, especially tints that hail from previous decades. The type of paint usually imparts some benefits to your vehicle. For example, a few hues can reflect sunlight, making your car cooler in a literal sense. Others are more resistant to scratching and impact events.

The method of paint application can also affect the cost of such a transaction. If you ask someone to use a spray paint device to give your car a new coat, you can expect a cheaper price than if you took your vehicle to a shop with paint booths for automotive vehicles. Consider the cost of the procedure carefully before committing to repainting your vehicle.

2. Consider the Paint Job’s Providence

As previously mentioned, certain paint colors and mixtures can become more valuable over time. You may think that the bright green color of your hand-me-down car from the 80s looks repulsive, but it can be worth hundreds of dollars to a collector. One example of high-priced vintage car paint is the range of hues that Chrysler used to coat their cars within the 70s. According to some automotive experts, vintage car paint from this period can ass anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of the car’s value.

Before repainting your car, ask an expert if its original coat is worth such a price. If so, you may not want to apply a cheap coat of paint over this precious paint job.

3. Think of the Car’s Purpose

What you’re going to use your car for is an integral factor when you’re selecting the color of your car. Remember that certain hues will have different impacts on how your car is perceived and how your car can operate. For example, if you bring your car routinely to work, you may not want it to look too garish or immature if you want to project an aura of professionalism. In such cases, you should stick to neutral colors like gray, black, or white. If your car is more for leisure purposes, you could probably conceivably get away with bright hues like yellow, green, or even red.

Remember that the hue of your car’s paint job can also mask wear and tear. Bright colors like white, cream, and silver will show cracks and dirt more obviously than darker shades like black and brown. Consider if you take your car routinely through dusty or muddy roads before choosing its new paint job.

4. Are Your Reselling the Car?

Finally, you need to reconsider whether you’re keeping your car for a long time. Your car’s paint job can affect if people will buy your car or try to lower your asking price. Certain colors may be off-putting to all, but a few buyers.

For example, your car’s bright gold hue may be appealing to you and people you get along with, but will a suburban family or middle-aged professional want to drive such a car around? If you’re thinking of reselling your vehicle, get a more neutral paint color like black, cream, and silver. These appeal to wider markets and can guarantee a sale.

Repainting your car is a commitment that can either improve or compromise the value of your vehicles. Because your car is such an important investment, you need to be very careful when you’re repainting your car and keep these factors in mind.



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