Surfing the Web: Blogs And Websites Every Surfer Should Follow

Surfing is a sport that connects people in more ways than one. As a sport, surfing fosters fellowship, cooperation, kindness, and sportsmanship. Beyond the sport itself, surfing has created a sense of global and local community.

Surfers of all levels are very chill and friendly people too! They truly embody the spirit of the sport. The fact that surfers openly teach and support each other while on the waves is one of the reasons why surfing is such an incredible sport.

While some surfers are lucky enough to live near stunning coastlines, most live further away. If you’re trying to find ways to stay connected to surfing even when you’re in the middle of the metro, here are some blogs and websites to follow.

The Best Surfing Blogs and Websites To Follow

Since surfing is an extremely popular sport, it comes as no surprise that there are many resources for surfers on the internet. This is perfect for people who are just starting out with surfing or experienced surfers looking for the next big surf spots in Asia and other locations. From official community websites to surfer blogs, we list some of the most helpful online resources for surfers of all levels.

For Beginners

Beginners are always going to look for resources to help them start out with surfing. Thankfully, there are a couple of trusted websites online that have a strong reputation in the surfing community. Check some of them out here.

SURFER Magazine

Dubbed as the bible of the sport, SURFER Magazine keeps you in the know of all the latest surfing news and developments. From recent tournaments, championships, gears, and even food, SURFER Magazine is a treasure trove of information for veteran surfers and newbies alike.

Beginner Surf Gear

If you’re new to surfing, you probably think that all you need is a surfboard. But there are many various kinds of surfboards for different surfer levels. Beginner Surf Gear gives you the lowdown on basic surfing gear and accessories, as well as the best beginner techniques for you.

Mission Beach Surfing School

Although surfing lessons are best gained through practice, Mission Beach Surfing School provides articles on techniques and best practices. Aside from its helpful articles, this institution also has physical sites that offer surf lessons, surf camps, and stand-up paddles.

For Wandering, Adventurous Surfers

By nature, most surfers are free spirits…so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of blogs and websites from surfers that detail their adventures. From pictures to itineraries, here are some of the best blogs that you can explore.

The Free Surfer

The Free Surfer, a blog owned by surfing enthusiast Pascal, is a stunning adventure and surfing blog perfect for those looking to satisfy their surfing wanderlust. Filled with beautiful pictures and stories, this blog can give you ideas for your next surfing trip. He also has surfing techniques and tips so you can have fun in every destination you visit.

Surfer Dad

If you’re looking for an endearing and warm blog, then you might want to check out Surfer Dad. A blog owned by a self-proclaimed wave starved father, Surfer Dad talks about shared father surfing experiences, parenting tips for surfer parents, and fatherly advice about the sport. It’s also filled with beautiful pictures, making this blog a site truly worth visiting.

Surf Star Morocco

Want to see a new coastline? Check out Surf Star Morocco. From recipes to surfing activities, this blog shares quirky and fun experiences that will enrich your surfing experience in the country. The best part? You can also get services in this blog so you won’t have to worry about planning every single thing out!

For Those Who Want A Little Something More

Some surfers just want a taste of everything, much like Nadav Berenstein. If you’re looking for a flurry of experiences in both your trips and readings, then you’re probably going to blogs that are more varied. After all, surfing isn’t just about a sport–it is culture and lifestyle too!

A Broad on Board

This one for all the feminists out there! A Broad on Board is a wonderful surf blog by Charlotte, a girl boss who travels all over the world and surfs. She shares tips, tricks, and inspiration from her travels and gives you a little empowerment to seize the waves.

The Surf Culture

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing blog that will show you the world, then check out The Surf Culture. Dedicated to showing the world one surfing photo at a time, this blog features beautiful images of various surfing destinations around the world. It’s a great blog to scroll through if you simply miss the waves or want to see something new and awe-inspiring.

Surf the Web and the Waves!

Surfing has gone beyond being a hobby or sport. It’s a culture, community, and lifestyle. Surfers of all levels are probably always raring to know about the latest news or simply looking to connect with others. Today, the internet allows us to explore and know more about the world of surfing easily.

While it’s always going to be preferable to surf the actual waves, surfing the web is a great way to stay connected and updated. Look at pictures, learn more about new developments, and connect with fellow surfers with these beautiful and endearing surfing blogs and websites.

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