5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Basketball Player

Soccer has its origins in Europe, and American football is a spin-off of rugby. Basketball, on the other hand, is a 100% American sport.

There is nothing more American than basketball, the Fourth of July, and apple pie. So if you have a special someone who plays this classic sport, you want to get them a basketball-themed gift. Yet with so many sports gifts out there, how can you find a truly unique gift that won’t be like the ones their other friends get?

Keep reading as we discuss five unique, meaningful gifts that are perfect for basketball players.

1. A Unique Gift like Basketball Pins

Perhaps you want a gift that’s more discrete rather than something that everyone will see. Instead, you want a memento that they can carry with them everywhere they go. The solution then is basketball pins.

They can wear them on any type of clothing or keep them in a jewelry box for safekeeping. You can even customize them with your own pin design.

2. A Custom Jersey With Their Name

Everyone has a jersey with the name of their favorite player. But what about a jersey with their name? The best gifts, after all, are those that are personal.

You can get it in the colors of their favorite team or their personal favorite colors.

3. A Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are huge in the collector sphere. If you really want to surprise them, then you can purchase gifts like custom bobbleheads. These may sit on their shelves, but it is something they will never forget.

The bobblehead can have their likeness, too. But if you would rather buy cheap gifts, then go for the bobbleheads of their favorite players.

4. A Basketball-Themed Rug

Everybody gets their kids sports-themed sheets and pillows. But you can switch things up a bit by getting them a circle rug with a basketball design. It’s a great way to build upon an existing basketball-themed room.

Rugs are easy to clean and easy to lay out or remove. They last a long time, so you can easily pass this one down from one kid to another.

5. A Basketball Lamp

If you would prefer a gift that is a bit more on the wacky side, then consider a basketball lamp. However, keep in mind that sometimes these lamps are made entirely of ceramic or glass. That means they can be quite easy to break with an unruly child.

That said, they do add a nice ambiance to the room with different light colors and the filter of the basketball shade. 

Purchase Gifts for the Basketball Lover in Your Life

Basketball is the most American sport, going back at least 100 years in its earliest form. Since most basketball-themed gifts all tend to be the same, it can be difficult to find a unique gift. Use the above list as a buying guide to help you decide on a gift that they will love for years to come.

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