Navigating Legal Recourse After an Intersection Accident

You’ll be relieved to know that car accidents decreased in the past two years, and one expects this to be lower by the end of 2023.

Nevertheless, there’s still something that keeps irresponsible driving an everyday occurrence. As a driver, you must know what your legal recourse should be before you hire a lawyer.

So what happens if you get into an intersection accident? What do you do before you hire a personal injury attorney?

Here’s what you need to know:

Who Has the Right of Way?

The first consideration is to know who has the right of way when it comes to an intersection collision.

Obviously, only drivers who are driving when the light is green have the right of way. Any driver who was running a red light doesn’t have the right of way and can be sued.

But what do you do if there’s a traffic light malfunction? In this scenario, do we really know who had the right of way?

In this case, it’s the responsibility of the other drivers to treat the traffic signal as if it was a STOP sign. They must yield the right of way to those drivers who are driving through a green light.

If you got into an accident this way, then you have every right to sue for personal injury. If you’re ready to file a lawsuit, you want to hire an automobile crash lawyer who’ll help you fight your case.

Now let’s look at some of the other things you should do after an intersection collision. 

What to Do Right After An Intersection Accident

While you might be tempted to give the other drivers a piece of your mind, this is precisely what you should avoid. You need to focus on taking care of your health first.

You might not feel severe pain after the intersection accident. However, you must still call an ambulance to get checked. They’ll give you a medical report that describes your injuries.

If you file a case, then your medical report is crucial evidence. It’s also important to receive insurance money as well as compensation from the other drivers.

Next, you need to call the police. The police will prepare a police report which provides details about the intersection accident. The police report is crucial if you need to file a case. It also details the severity of the accident and helps strengthen your case when you file a lawsuit.

What Makes An Intersection Accident?

When you file your case, you’ll have to know about what type of intersection collision occurred. There are different types of intersection accidents, and you’ll have to know them to fight your case.

Head-on Collisions

The first type of intersection accident is a head-on collision. This is when the front of two cars hit each other.

This is unusual due to cars having to drive in different lanes. It means that one car changed lanes to hit your car. Often, this occurs when the other driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Rear Collisions

This happens when you are going through an intersection and the rear of your car gets hit. It can happen if the car behind you hits your rear. Often, they are driving too fast, or you are driving too slowly.

Another way this can happen is if a driver from the other section of the intersection speeds up and hits your rear end. In any case, it’s always the other driver’s fault.

Even if you were driving slowly, in most cases, you are never at fault for not driving at a certain speed. 

Side Collisions

This is often the most dangerous type of intersection accident. This is when you or your passenger can get injured from the accident.

This is what usually happens when there’s a traffic light malfunction. Whenever you drive through an intersection, this is what you have to most look out for.

Best Practices

Let’s end by looking at the best practices you should follow when it comes to intersection accidents.

If your area has frequent traffic light malfunctions, you must speak to your local police station. They should have traffic police on standby to guide drivers. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid future intersection accidents.

Make sure you never blast loud music or talk to others while driving through an intersection. While you shouldn’t do this anyways, it’s especially crucial to avoid this at an intersection.

At an intersection, you are most vulnerable. That’s also where other drivers are most irresponsible. This is when drivers are in a rush, and they want to cross the intersection before the light turns red. As a result, you must always be on high alert as you approach and cross an intersection.

If you can get involved with city planning, you also want to advocate for reducing intersections. Intersections are often a major stress, and while they’re a necessity, they can get reduced.

Make sure you also understand the type of negligence on behalf of the other driver. Some types, such as comparative, are considered to be less severe. In contrast, gross negligence is much more severe and can lead to harsher punishment.

After an accident, you must keep track of your medical bills as well as other related expenses. These are needed to provide to your personal injury lawyer. This helps them build a case where you can receive all the compensation you need.

The more you fight against irresponsible driving, the more we can prevent future intersection accidents from occurring.

Make Our Roads Safer

Now you know what to do after an intersection accident.

The person who has a green light always has the right of way. If the lights aren’t working, then you must treat the situation as you would at a road stop.

Make sure you understand the types of intersection collisions. This can help you as you build your case. Follow our best practices to help you fight your case and prevent future issues.

If you’re not ready to approach an intersection yet, head on over to our blog to find more driving-related content.


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