5 Exciting Marketing Items to Include In a Corporate Gift Box

Are you looking for the next great corporate gift to wow your clients?

You may have already tried bottles of wine, coffee mugs, and pens in your marketing boxes. While these items can certainly bring delight to your customers, they may be looking for something new that they can keep or reuse.

An exciting corporate gift box can change the way your clients experience getting promotional items from your business. They’ll get a new way to use the products you offer.

To find out what these are, keep reading for the best ideas for business gifts.

1. Impression Cards in Motion

Impression Cards in Motion can make a great addition to any corporate gift box. Not only do they have a unique and stylish appearance, but they offer custom designs that allow businesses to showcase their branding. Employees will be able to keep these cards as a souvenir or share them with customers. 

This makes them ideal for marketing purposes. Best of all, these cards come in a variety of styles and sizes, giving businesses a chance to show off their personality while providing a truly memorable marketing item.

As a bonus, these cards can be customized with additional features such as business video cards or special text to make them truly unique.

2. Branded Pens

Branded pens can be an easy and effective way to concretely display a company’s brand and presence. Pens are small enough to fit into almost any sized gift box, making them a great addition to a corporate gift.

They can also be affordable, allowing a company to invest in a larger order for use as client gifts. Companies can even customize the designs and colors of the pens to provide a more unique look. This makes them stand out even more in the corporate gift box.

3. Fun Yet Professional Desk Accessories

Whether for the office or a client, sleek and professional items like metal business card holders, fancy pen sets, colorful paper clips, and desk organizers add personality to any workspace.

To enhance the gift box, consider adding an engraved desk nameplate, a motivational wall plaque, a mouse pad with a personalized photo or design, or some kind of fun stress reliever like a fidget spinner.

4. Customizable Notebooks

These customizable notebooks can be printed with a logo, featured designs, and other artwork. It also allows for the inclusion of other materials such as sticky notes, writing utensils, and documents.

Including these customized notebooks in a corporate gift box makes the recipient feel appreciated. It concludes that the gift was given with thought.

It also creates a strong sense of brand identity. This will help build a positive relationship between sender and recipient.

5. Engraved Keychains

Engraved keychains are an exciting marketing item to include in a corporate swag box. With custom text and logos, these high-quality keychains are sure to be a memorable corporate giveaway.

The receivers will be reminded of your business every time they look at the keychains, and will be even more impressed if the keychain is presented in a luxurious gift box.

Discover the Best Items To Include in a Corporate Gift Box

You now know some of the most creative and exciting items to include in a corporate gift box. From impression cards to customizable notebooks, you can find the perfect items to show your clients how much you appreciate their business.

So go ahead, give the ideal corporate gift, and watch your clients smile when they open the box!

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