Make Your Online Store Look Professional With Premium Themes

Create a list of keywords you want your website to get found under.

Using the Google keyword planner is an easy way to do this and it will show you how many searches per month there are for each term. The more specific the better, so rather than ‘shoes’ try ‘white leather pumps’.

Create quality content around those keywords.

This means writing and posting original and useful blog posts that people actually want to read! If you can’t think of anything then courses on Udemy or YouTube videos might be something to look into further.

Buy a domain name

Buy a domain name (i.e www.mycoolwebsite) and hosting (i.e HostGator). Your hosting will run you about $10/month while your domain should be under $12/year. You can get these for cheaper if you buy in bulk which is what I recommend doing. Google ‘cheap domain registration’ and you should come up with a bunch of places to register your domains from.

Create an ecommerce website using WordPress

If you have the money, time, or patience then hiring a developer to create one for you would be best! If not there are plenty of free themes out there that work just fine. It’s also important that your theme has functionality like woocommerce built into it so that users can purchase items directly from your website. Implementing the Woocommerce Plugin on your site is fairly simple. To buy the plugin click here. If you’re not familiar with coding websites then it might be difficult for you to do this on your own, but there are plenty of tutorials online that will walk you through each step!

Create quality backlinks

Quality backlinks are links coming from other relevant sites linking to yours which helps increase the credibility and page rank of your site. This isn’t as easy as I’m making it seem so if this is something specific you want help with let me know! The best way to go about creating these backlinks is by guest blogging or getting on private blog networks (PBNs). Here’s a quick article with 10 tips on building quality backlinks.

Create a logo

There are plenty of places online to find decent logo designers, but not all of them are free! My personal favorite is Designhill. They have thousands of designers from around the world that bid on your project. You simply upload what you want then choose a designer that fits your needs and budget best. This takes some time as there will be several rounds of revisions, but it’s one way to make sure you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Create engaging graphics using Canva

Canva is an extremely easy-to-use graphic design program that makes creating all kinds of graphics mostly foolproof even if you don’t know how to use photoshop or illustrator. I highly recommend this if you find yourself creating graphics consistently.

Get familiar with Google Adwords

If your budget allows, experimenting with Google Adwords is an easy way to drive traffic to your site and test out which keywords are converting the most. You can also split test ad copy and see which one converts better. If you don’t have at least $100/month to spend on ads then I wouldn’t bother. Here’s a good article to go further in-depth on using Adwords effectively.

Be Sociable, Share!

One of the best ways to get traffic from other relevant sites is by commenting on other blogs that provide content related to what yours provides. This takes some time as well as there will be several rounds of revisions before you’re allowed to post. However, if you can stomach that then you’ll be rewarded with some great backlinks once your comment is approved!

Create quality content regularly

Nobody wants to follow a blog where the last post was 3 years ago… Create quality content on topics or products your target market is interested in or would find useful. There are plenty of ways to do this whether it’s creating infographics about something relevant, video blogging, or using services like writer access to get cheap content written for you. It all depends on how much time and budget you have available!

What are your favorite ways to make a WooCommerce site look professional? Have any other questions I might be able to help answer? Let me know in the comments below!

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