How Much Do University Transcripts Cost?

A whopping one-third of college students transfer schools during their academic careers. If you need to make a change to a new school, you’ll need to get a copy of your college transcript. 

When transferring to a new school or applying for a master’s degree program, your current or previous school can provide a transcript. They’ll be able to send the transcript to a new school or send it directly to you so that you can have it for your records. 

But how much do university transcripts cost? Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Do University Transcripts Cost?

Generally speaking, it will cost around $10 to order a copy of your college transcript. However, some colleges have increased their prices in recent years and may charge $15 or more to get a copy.

Individual universities and colleges vary, so you’ll want to check with your school to find out exactly how much the transcript fee will be. 

Keep in mind, that you may need to pay more if you need your transcript quickly. Some universities allow you to pay more to expedite the delivery of your transcript. 

Remember that you should request your transcript early on if you want to ensure you get it on time without paying any extra fees.

How to Request a College Transcript

If you need to get a copy of your college transcript, there are usually a few similar steps that you’ll need to follow. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Pay Off Outstanding Balances

Before requesting a college transcript, make sure that you’re in good standing with the school. 

If you owe the institution any money or have an outstanding balance of some kind, then they may refuse to send the transcript until you pay. You’ll want to take care of this as soon as you can, particularly if you need to get your transcripts fast.

If you need a transcript quickly, you may also want to consider getting a fake diploma.

Gather Personal Information

Colleges and universities require different things when requesting a transcript. There may be some things you need to do before they can release them. 

In some cases, you’ll need to give consent for the transcript to be released. These days, many schools will allow you to sign consent electronically. Sometimes, you’ll have to provide a handwritten signature or other types of personal information to get your transcripts sent. 

Other information that could be required includes your social security number, student ID number, current address, phone number, dates of attendance, and full name. You’ll also need to provide the mailing addresses of where you want the transcripts sent. 

Fill Out a Transcript Request Form

To send a college transcript request and begin the process, you’ll need to fill out a transcript request form or send an email to the registrar’s office at your school. 

Usually, you’ll be able to do this online, so the process can be pretty quick and easy. However, keep in mind that there may be a small fee for filling out the form online. You might need to pay a few dollars extra in order to submit the form electronically. 

Requesting Your College Transcript

If you need to get university transcripts from a school, be sure that you understand what to expect. Getting a transcript will likely only cost about $10, but it may cost more or less, depending on the school. 

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