How Business Made Holiday Shopping Guilt-Free In COVID-19

2020’s holiday season may have come off a tumultuous year that has shifted everybody’s shopping behaviors and general festivities. However, businesses have still managed to bring in consumers looking to celebrate Christmas as a much-needed break from the heaviness of recent events. Though behavior and budget may have seen the most change, earlier sales and online solutions have made it possible for people to still get through that gift list, albeit in a different time frame and pattern than before.

Because of the implications that have hit some communities hard at the height of the pandemic, one might think it a strange sensation to be buying gifts during a global crisis. Interestingly, this problem has been circumvented by benefits and aids that allowed shoppers to get those presents they desire while contributing to COVID-19 aid. It’s a good pat on the back that makes shoppers feel more comfortable to spend on indulgences, and it has made its way in markets in various ways. Here are somewaysbusinesses found a way to make holiday sales beneficial for the fight against the coronavirus.

  • Smaller startups and companies partnering with foundations

Supporting small businesses is in itself a great way to give back to the community when Christmas shopping. Many people have been able to gather great finds from independent stores and brands both on and offline. In addition to contributing to the local economy and supporting local business owners, it also paves the way for donations that go to important causes.

A great example of this is the increasingly popular stackable rings that have been a solid option for the environmentally conscious who want to buy many gifts for friends while knowing that their money will impact something. Specifically, Enso Rings’ Rings for a Reason (R4R) line is part of a movement that aims to inspire and drive positivity throughout the world via volunteer work and donations to relevant organizations. Through the years, the brand raised over $150,000 in donations from the line. Recently, their engraved ring sales went 100% to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Simple yet memorable gifts can be found in many businesses like this, and it’s easier to find out what causes they support and how to order now that most brands have digitized not just to keep up with the times but to adapt to the pandemic.

  • Major platforms donating to front-line workers

Amazon has gotten a lot of flak over the years for its business practices and certain issues regarding its workers and partners. However, the company remains the biggest online marketplace garnering billions of dollars regularly from orders across the world. To give back, the brand has been building goodwill by way of spending more than $500 million on one-time bonuses for the front-line workers that will be on the job during the holiday season. Other major retailers like Walmart and Home Depot have gone the same route to reward and motivate their staff members during the year’s busiest time that has proven to be just as hectic for these workers despite the pandemic.

These employees have been hard at work since November to make sure everyone’s holiday orders get to them in time, so it’s a good feeling to know that some of the biggest mainstream stores we patronize are giving back to the people who make it happen. There may be some debate about the real intentions behind these major corporations’ actions. Still, it doesn’t hurt the Christmas spirit to know that those working hard during the holidays are getting some compensation for it.

Those are just some of the big ways businesses have made the holiday season feel a little cheerier in the midst of COVID-19. Whether or not it has simply been a marketing tactic or genuine empathy, it’s interesting to see how things will pan out onto the new year.


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