GimKit is made for distance learning purposes and also for fun and enjoying

Review of GimKit:

GimKit is a distance-learning app for fun and enjoyable and this platform might be the perfect tool for you. So this is an interactive game show that is designed by the school student and which is the perfect app. This project is a method to develop tools that students want to use. Also, students use this platform as a great approach to increase engagement. Gimkit this platform is made for the benefit of the teachers and students because they can learn online. But the version of this platform is not free only the basic version is free.

Tutorial for GimKit:

GimKit tutorial we are going to show how to construct GimKit kits and how each of these gameplay modes operates. And from the tutorial, we will learn how to play with popular game modes. So these are Human versus Zombies, Boss Battle, The Floor is Lava, Infinity Mode, and Trust No One. The tutorial is perfect on any platform because through this one can easily learn anything about the platform. So the GimKit Tutorial makes every step for its users if they want to join any quiz.

Create a GimKit:

The Kit in GimKit simply means your questions it contains all of the questions terms and reviews when you play. So we can create our Futemax or find existing Kits made by other teachers. This is why as part of the on-boarding procedure they want you to fix your score level, location, and school. To create content for GimKit other teachers can influence those questions in their class. GimKit gets free high-quality content that only adds to other underlying selling points to get you to upgrade. So the part of what makes this platform special are all of the different game modes. And you can explore with your students. So try out their selection of modes to see what your students like most. Also, don’t forget you can assign a kit as homework.

How to create a new Kit and Add questions?

When you log into your account you can search for already made Kits or you can create them. So for creating it click on the new kit button then choose what subject it is for a cover image. GimKit links to Unsplash by default but if you want to create custom image thumbnails you can.  So we can create Kit but after that, we have to add some questions to it for the student’s quiz. And this platform feature also allows you to manually input a question. So we can add an image as well as set multiple-choice answers or students type in the correct answer. We can also add audio to our GimKit if we want to read out loud the questions. So this microphone is the best thing and this will guide the teachers.

How much cost the GimKit Pro version?

So we can get a 14-day free trial of the Pixwox Pro version after signing in on it. But after these days we will pay $4.99 per month for this pro version and full access. So it’s worth the cost because the free version allows only 5 students at a time.

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