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Do you own an electric car but are unsure of where to take it for maintenance in Kent? You are fortunate. Recently, Central Avenue Automotive received certification as a legitimate repair facility for electric vehicles. Finding a shop that is capable of handling high-voltage systems and components is essential as more people migrate to EVs. All major EV models, including Teslas, Chevy Bolts, Nissan Leafs, and others, can be serviced by the Central Avenue Automotive staff because they have the proper expertise and tools. These ASE-certified experts can handle any necessary routine maintenance, diagnostics, or repairs on the electric motor, battery, charging equipment, or other systems of your EV. Since 1982, Central Avenue Automotive, a locally owned and run business, has been providing service to Kent motorists. They are now prepared to offer your electric vehicle the same high-quality service. Central Avenue Automotive: Your Go-to for EV Repair in Kent

The top-rated electric vehicle (EV) repair facility in Kent is Central Avenue Automotive. To service all makes and models of electric vehicles, they have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and EV-certified specialists.

The best location to go for repairs and routine maintenance for your EV is Central Avenue Automotive. To accurately identify and resolve problems with high-voltage batteries, electric motors, charging equipment, and other EV components, their personnel receive ongoing EV training. They are capable of handling anything, including difficult computer-related issues and brake jobs.

Range anxiety, or the worry that your car’s battery will discharge before you arrive at your destination, is one of the main worries for EV drivers. Your EV’s battery can be tested at Central Avenue Automotive to make sure it’s working to its full potential and to identify any issues. They may also check and maintain your EV’s charging components, including as wall connectors and adapters for public charging stations.

For any vehicle, but particularly EVs as it directly affects range per charge, proper tire pressure is crucial. For optimum performance and efficiency, the Central Avenue Automotive staff will check the tire pressure for free and refill your EV’s tires to the appropriate pressure.

The servicing requirements for EVs differ from those for gas-powered vehicles, so it’s critical to locate a shop with the right expertise, equipment, and training. The best choice for dependable and inexpensive EV repair in Kent is Central Avenue Automotive. To keep you driving happily for years to come, their experienced technicians treat every EV like it’s their own.

Our Team of EV Technicians and Cutting-Edge Tools

Experience and technological expertise are important when it comes to maintaining electric vehicles. The trained EV technicians on staff at Central Avenue Automotive are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and training necessary to accurately diagnose and fix your car.

Our Certified Technicians

Our technicians complete intensive training programs to become experts in servicing popular EV models like the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, and Tesla Model S. They stay up-to-date with the latest diagnostics, repair procedures, and safety standards to ensure your EV is in capable hands.

State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment

We have invested in advanced tools and equipment designed specifically for EVs to allow for quick and accurate diagnostics and repair. This includes:

  • High-voltage safety equipment and proper insulation tools to prevent electric shock and ensure technician safety.
  • Digital voltmeters, ammeters, and megohmmeters to test high-voltage circuits and components.
  • OE-level scan tools to access the complex computer systems in today’s EVs.
  • A climate-controlled service bay suitable for high-voltage components.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

We have served the Kent community since 1989 and are committed to providing high-quality, eco-friendly services. Our customers appreciate our honest, knowledgeable staff and dedication to keeping their vehicles safe and on the road.

When your EV needs attention, bring it to the specialists at Central Avenue Automotive. We have the experience, tools, and skills to get the job done right.

EV Maintenance Services We Offer

As a certified electric vehicle service center, Central Avenue Automotive offers a variety of maintenance services to keep your EV running efficiently.

Battery servicing

The high-voltage battery pack is the heart of your EV, so we perform regular battery inspections and servicing to ensure optimal performance and range. We check battery health, cooling system operation and look for any signs of physical damage. If issues are detected, we can perform battery replacements or repairs to get you back on the road.

Charging system service

You may refuel your EV by using the onboard charger and charging connector, as well as the charging system. To ensure correct operation and that your EV is charging at the anticipated rate, we examine the charging apparatus and ports. In order to restore safe and effective charging, we only utilize original OEM parts when repairs or replacements are necessary.

Software updates

EVs have advanced computer systems that control various vehicle functions. Software updates provide the latest technology and security patches to keep your EV running safely and efficiently. We can perform over-the-air or manual software updates as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Brake service

EVs use regenerative braking systems to help recharge the battery. We inspect brakes for wear and damage and test the regenerative braking system to ensure maximum energy recovery. Brake pads, rotors and other components are replaced as needed to maintain safe braking performance.

Tire service

All cars, especially EVs where every bit of efficiency counts, need properly inflated tires. To ensure uniform tread wear and increase the range of your EV, we do tire rotations, balancing, and flat repairs. We replace them with low rolling resistance tires made exclusively for electric vehicles when the time comes.

Regular maintenance at our authorized location will keep your EV running safely and dependably for many years to come. Call us right away to arrange for the service of your EV.

Why Proper Maintenance Is Crucial for EVs

EVs require specialized care to keep them running their best. As an all-electric vehicle, your EV has unique components like high-voltage batteries, electric motors, charging equipment, and power electronics that need proper maintenance. Neglecting these systems can reduce your EV’s range, performance, and lifespan.

Battery Care

The lithium-ion battery is the heart of any EV. Have a certified technician inspect your EV’s battery system regularly. They can check the battery for any warning signs like swelling or overheating that may indicate it needs replacement. They can also perform software updates and recalibrate your battery for the most accurate range estimates.

Charging System

Your EV’s charging equipment allows you to repower your vehicle. Have the charging port, cable, and onboard charger tested periodically to ensure maximum charging speeds and to detect any issues early on. The technicians can examine the charging port for any damage, test that the cable is still providing full power, and check that the onboard charger is operating properly.

Software Updates

EVs have a lot of computer-controlled electronic systems and components. The latest security features will be installed, any problems will be fixed, and the performance of your EV will be optimized. The specialists at Central Avenue Automotive are equipped and qualified to upgrade the software in your EV, including the modules for the infotainment system, charging apparatus, and self-driving functions.

General Inspections

Tire rotations, brake inspections, filter changes, and other standard maintenance procedures are still necessary for EVs as they are for gas-powered vehicles. In order to identify problems early on, technicians can also check your EV for any warning lights, odd noises coming from the electric motor or other components, and perform diagnostic scans. Keep in mind the maintenance schedules suggested in your owner’s manual.

Your electric vehicle will perform best if you maintain it properly and take care of it. All EV repair and maintenance tasks are handled by Central Avenue Automotive’s trained and well-equipped specialists. Call us right away to arrange for a checkup on your EV.

Contact Central Avenue Automotive for All Your EV Repair Needs

When it’s time for service or repair on your electric vehicle, there’s only one choice in Kent—Central Avenue Automotive. As a certified EV service center, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly handle all of your EV’s needs.

Our technicians have gone through specialized training on servicing hybrid and fully electric vehicles. We have the latest diagnostic tools to accurately assess your EV’s systems and components like the battery, motor, charging equipment, and power inverter. Whatever the issue, whether a warning light comes on or it’s just time for routine maintenance, we have the skills and technology to get your EV back on the road quickly and safely.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

To service EVs, we’ve invested in advanced equipment like:

  • High-voltage safety equipment and proper personal protective gear
  • Sophisticated scan tools to read your EV’s diagnostic trouble codes
  • Charging station to recharge your EV’s battery if needed during service
  • Precision tools designed specifically for use on hybrid and electric vehicles

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full range of repair and maintenance services for EVs like:

  • Oil changes (for hybrid EVs)
  • Brake inspections and replacement
  • Tire rotations
  • Warning light diagnosis
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Charging system repairs
  • And more!

For all your EV’s needs in the Kent area, call or schedule online with Central Avenue Automotive today. We’re ready to provide the quality service and repair your high-tech electric vehicle demands and you deserve as an environmentally-conscious driver. Let our certified technicians get you back on the road and confident in your EV’s performance.


So there you have it, Kent residents and others. Central Avenue Automotive is the place to go if you own an electric car and want to keep it running securely and effectively for years to come. Their trained, equipped, and experienced certified experts can service all EV makes and models. Why trust a mechanic at all to your pricey investment? These guys are experts on electric vehicles. Visit Central Avenue Automotive to have your EV inspected and serviced. Your peace of mind and emission-free ride will reward you.

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