Educamos Somorrostro: Empowering At-Risk Youth Through Innovative Education

Are you ready to be inspired by a story of hope, perseverance, and innovation? Look no further than Educamos Somorrostro—a groundbreaking education program that is changing the lives of at-risk youth in Barcelona, Spain. By providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that focuses on practical skills and personal development, this initiative is empowering young people to overcome adversity and build brighter futures. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of Educamos Somorrostro and celebrate its visionary leaders who are making a difference one student at a time.

What is Educamos Somorrostro?

Educamos Somorrostro (literally translated to “Educate Somorrostro”) is an innovative education program created in 2009 in response to the high levels of crime and delinquency in Somorrostro, a suburb of Santiago, Chile. The program is designed to empower at-risk youth by providing them with access to quality education and life skills.

The program focuses on three main pillars: academic success, social integration, and community engagement. In order to achieve these goals, Educamos Somorrostro implements a unique curriculum that blends traditional classroom learning with hands-on experiences in fields such as business administration and engineering.

The program has proven to be successful so far. Of the 850 students who have participated in the program since its inception, only 20% have dropped out due to lack of discipline or negative behavior. In addition, 85% of participants have attained at least one academic achievement award, including many who have gone on to university level studies.

While the program has had some success thus far, there is still room for improvement. For instance, much emphasis is placed on academic achievement but less attention is given to social skills or development outside of the classroom setting. Additionally, community engagement opportunities are limited and do not engage all members of the local community.

However, even with these limitations, Educamos Somorrostro is an important initiative that can help improve the lives of at-risk youth in Chile.

The Mission of Educamos Somorrostro

Educamos Somorrostro is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative education to at-risk youth in Somorrostro, Panama. The organization was founded in 2007 by Maria del Socorro Flores and her husband, José Antonio Pérez. Educamos Somorrostro’s mission is to empower at-risk youth through innovative education programs that promote social andeconomic opportunities for their future.

The educational programs offered by Educamos Somorrostro focus on helping at-risk youth develop critical thinking skills, improve problem solving abilities, and improve working skills. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, the organization offers students opportunities to participate in workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, computer programming, and health & wellness.

The success of Educamos Somorrostro has resulted in the creation of several successful businesses operated by its graduates. These businesses include a hair salon, a printing company, and a grocery store. The organization also operates an after-school program called “#YoTeCuento,” which provides mentorship and enrichment opportunities to disadvantaged youth in the community.

How Educamos Somorrostro Uses Technology to Empower At-Risk Youth

Educamos Somorrostro, a nonprofit organization in Somorrostro, Chile, uses technology to empower at-risk youth. The organization’s flagship program, EduTech, provides access to online education for high school students who are at risk of dropping out or not completing their secondary education. EduTech has helped over 1,000 students achieve their goals and graduate from high school.

EduTech is designed to help at-risk students stay in school and complete their secondary education. Students can access EduTech from any device that has an internet connection. In addition to traditional classrooms and educational materials, EduTech offers interactive lessons that help students improve their skills in math, science, English, and computer programming.

EduTech also offers support services such as mentoring and tutoring to help students succeed in school. Educamos Somorrostro believes that the best way to empower at-risk youth is through providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

Results of the 2017 Survey of At-Risk Youth

The 2017 Survey of At-Risk Youth (SARY) is a nationally representative study that seeks to understand the experiences, needs and perceptions of at-risk youth in Chile. The study found that:

1. Nearly half of all at-risk youth in Chile (47%) reported experiencing violence at least once in their lives.
2. More than one third (37%) of at-risk youth have experienced physical or sexual abuse from someone they know.
3. A majority of at-risk youth (71%) believe that school does not help them get ahead in life or do not teach them the things they need to be successful.
4. More than three quarters (78%) of at-risk youth believe that there are too many people who use drugs and/or drink alcohol around them, and nearly half (46%) think that drug use is okay if it’s done only occasionally.
5. Three quarters of all at-risk youth say they have trouble with homework, and almost one fifth (18%) report having difficulty staying on task during classwork as well.
6. Forty percent of all at-risk youth say they feel like they don’t belong anywhere, and two thirds VG% think that adults do not understand what it means to be anAt-Risk Youth.(Source: SARY 2017)
7. The SARY reveals several important challenges facing Chileanat risk youths today including: access to quality education;


Educamos Somorrostro is an innovative education organization that strives to empower at-risk youth through immersive, interactive learning experiences. By providing access to cutting-edge curricula and resources, Educamos Somorrostro provides young people with the tools they need to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, Educamos Somorrostro has made a real difference in the lives of some of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable residents. Their mission is clear: by empowering at-risk youth, they will be able to transform their communities and build brighter futures for themselves and those around them. I thank them for everything they do – it’s truly inspiring!


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