e-IDV Services Used to Mitigate Synthetic Identity Fraud

e-IDV services provide seamless services to the companies, and they make sure that the clients are valid and not part of any illegal act. Digital advancement has created convenience for humankind, but its dark side is the data breaches. The hackers decode the accounts of the individuals and steal their identity. In-person robbery is complex as compared to cybercrime. The scammers now prefer to hack the clients’ systems and use this information for their means. In 2022, in Malaysia, a 14.7 % growth of cyber security revenue was observed compared to the previous year. 

What is Synthetic Identity?

The stolen or fake identity is known as the synthetic identity. Individuals who are not experts in digital media face these issues. Especially minors and old age people unknowingly give access to their accounts to scammers. The hackers decode the algorithm of the client’s account, and they perform all the crimes by using their names. The victim does not even know that someone else is running their account.

How does e-IDV Increase the Surveillance of Organizations?

When the companies onboard the users, the clients must undergo biometric verification. The system verifies the identity of the customers and ensures that they are earning money legally. The solutions also demand the legal papers of the users, such as identity cards, residential addresses, and bank statements. These documents are used to check that the client is authentic and that any kind of irregular activity is immediately detected and responded to by the police. The scanners can even be integrated into high-security areas, and they are used to monitor the activity of individuals. For example, the warehouse of the companies contains sensitive assets. Therefore, it is crucial to use the biometric system, and the scanner will allow only verified employees to cross the territory. Other than that, the company can record the activity of the working operators and then reward them accordingly.

How does an e-IDV Provider Ensure Swift Services?

Advanced tools do electronic identification verification, and the system provides all the verification in a very short time. The user must face the camera, and the verification is done in seconds. The organizations can smoothen their daily operations, as they do not have to provide lengthy documentation. The operators’ task is also reduced, as the machine learning tools perform the whole task. The businesses can offer seamless services to the employees by saving their time and providing them with a friendly interface. It is always recommended that businesses integrate electronic check verification services, as it will give companies a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Electronic ID: Aids in Compliance with the Latest Regulations

The government has made it essential for companies to comply with the latest rules. These guidelines are for the improvement of the companies, as they will safeguard them against fraudulent activities. Businesses not following these rules must face deteriorated brand image issues and penalties. Organizations that are compliant with this guideline can even increase their clients. Customers prefer a company that keeps their information safe and secure and prevents them from data breaches.

How Electronic ID Verification Services Control the Money Laundering

Money laundering means that the individuals earn money through false means and then present it as legal money. Businesses need to know about the source of income of their users so that fraudulent activities can be controlled. In the eIDV process, the client has to submit things that validate their identity. The continuous monitoring feature of the biometric system aids in knowing about the users’ activities. In this way, the organizations can measure the risk rate of their users. The clients are segregated as high-risk and low-risk, and they are then treated accordingly. The businesses have to keep updated knowledge of their clients so that they can build strong relationships with them. 

How Client’s Trust is Built Through e-IDV Services?

The clients prefer companies that provide them with a user-friendly interface and save them time. The biometric solutions understand the users’ needs and provide services according to their demands. These solutions even sense the customers’ feelings and observe whether they like or dislike the product. 


e-IDV services offer seamless services and save the time of the customers. The businesses integrating it can save their extra charges and utilize it in any other task. The biometric system aids in onboarding, verification, and monitoring of the user’s activities. The organizations must ensure they are interacting with the right person; otherwise, they face issues. The user’s trust is built when the business provides products according to their want.


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