What to Do With Your Businesses Old Desktop Computers

Did you know that 64.5% of the world’s population use the Internet? That number should continue to grow as technology continues to advance.

You may also need to upgrade your technology for your business to thrive. Well, in this article, that’s what we’ll discuss: how you can make the most of the old desktop computers.

So read on and learn how you can take the environmentally-friendly way with your computing needs and help cut down on your carbon footprint. Once a business has outgrown its stock of desktop computers and upgraded to newer machines, there are many options for what to do with them.


The best way to dispose of these computers is to recycle them. Many companies offer recycling processes such as an e crate system. This is a great way to reduce clutter and protect the environment.

Professional computer recycling companies will cleanse the drives of your old computers, so they can reuse the hardware. Recycling electronics will help to conserve valuable resources while giving back to your community.


Donating your old computer monitor is an excellent option if you no longer need the equipment. Many organizations support local communities, such as schools and youth clubs, that need basic computer equipment to make internet access and digital literacy available to those in need.

Donating your old desktops can open the door to digital inclusion and literacy in your community. Besides donating, you can also promote the donation to serve as a tax write-off and commit to offsetting potential environmental effects through carbon offsetting programs. 


It’s possible to resell unused computers for a profit. However, you need to make sure that the computers are in working condition, cleared of any confidential information, and ready to be sold.

Cleaning an old desktop computer may involve clearing any cache memory, formatting the hard drive, and cleaning all external hardware components. After the maintenance is complete, you can start reselling the computer.

There are several websites, such as eBay and Amazon, that can resell these computers to potential buyers. They can be sold through newspapers and online listing services.


Old computers are valuable assets for businesses to trade. One way of getting the most out of these outdated technology machines is to trade them online. This opens up sales opportunities for individuals who are looking for older, cheaper desktop computers that still run well.

The benefit of trading these computers is that you can get a reasonable return on your investment. This can go towards upgrading your old tech or purchasing new ones. 

Put Your Old Desktop Computers to Use

Businesses should consider donating, reselling, recycling, and trading their used desktop computers instead of throwing them away. This helps reduce overall e-waste production as well as provides a cost-saving option for those in need.

Take action today and begin putting your business’s old desktop computers to better use. Not only that, but you also help save the environment!

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