7 Common Mistakes in Planning Birthday Parties and How to Avoid Them

In a recent survey, over 40% of 1,000 polled Americans said they love or like their birthday. Another 47% had a neutral view, neither liking nor disliking it. All in all, 2 in 3 said they’d enjoy a surprise birthday party planned for them.

That’s a good enough reason to throw a party for a loved one or a pal celebrating their birthday soon. 

However, mistakes in planning birthday parties can put a damper on such special days. Since that’s the last thing you want to happen, it pays to learn what these errors are to avoid them effectively.

Below, we’ve outlined the top birthday party planning blunders and what to do instead, so read on.

1. Not Considering the Celebrant’s Preferences and Schedule

This is likely the worst mistake because it can lead to a not-so-nice reaction from the celebrant.

For example, let’s say the birthday celebrant dislikes big crowds. Despite knowing that, you still invited dozens of people to the party. This can cause your loved one or friend celebrating their birthday not to have a good time.

Thus, always consider the celebrant’s likes and dislikes when planning their party.

Also, ensure you account for the celebrant’s schedule on the big day. This is especially vital if you’re throwing a surprise party. You may be in for a surprise yourself if the celebrant doesn’t appear because they have to work or go to school.

2. Making Your Guests Hangry

Researchers discovered that hangry, a portmanteau for hungry and angry, is real. For example, they found that irritability and anger can occur in people due to hunger.

That can happen to your guests if you fail to prepare enough party food and drinks. Such a mistake, in turn, can result from not having a party guest list. Without this list, you won’t know your event’s headcount. 

You can prevent those issues by sending répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP) cards to those you wish to invite to the party. Send these invites at least a month from the big day. Then, request the invitees to reply ASAP.

3. Forgetting About Guests With Food Allergies

Approximately 32 million people in the United States have food allergies. The most common are nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, seafood, milk, egg, and lactose. Exposure to these allergens can be enough to make these folks need emergency medical aid.

You don’t want to risk your visitors’ health, so ensure you account for guests with food allergies.

A food preference questionnaire is one of the best ways to learn about such conditions. You can attach this to the RSVPs you send, but to be sure, remind your invitees to answer the questionnaire.

Once you get their responses, read all their answers. That can help you determine and plan for any diet restrictions.

Speaking of diets, some of your guests may have special needs, such as low-salt or low-fat meals. Others may be vegetarians or vegans. Make sure you prepare something suitable for them during the party.

4. Choosing the Wrong Party Theme

Birthday party themes can be inappropriate for many reasons, such as if they don’t go with the weather. For instance, a masquerade ball is one of the worst themes for the summer. After all, it usually requires guests to wear full-skirted ballgowns or hot tuxes.

Another is a theme you alone love. You may be the planner, but it’s not your birthday. So, consider what the celebrant likes that you and the rest of the guests do, too.

5. Throwing a Boring Party

Your event will likely bore everyone if you folks don’t do any fun birthday party activities. In this case, your guests may only eat and drink politely, stay for an hour, and leave.

To prevent that from happening, include games in your party plan. However, be sure they’re appropriate to your guests’ age.

Another idea is to explore and discover escape room experiences. These puzzle games are perfect for kids, teens, and adults. Facilities that offer them also usually have special birthday packages for larger groups.

6. Exceeding Your Birthday Party Budget

This 2023, experts predict all food prices in the U.S. to increase. For instance, food-at-home prices may rise by 6.6%, while food-away-from-home may go up by 8.2%. Bear this in mind as you plan for the party’s budget.

Aside from food, you must consider beverages, decorations, giveaways, and gifts. Then, there’s the venue rental cost if you plan to celebrate outside your home.

If you don’t prepare for all those costs, your expenses can quickly spiral out of control. Thus, you should decide how many guests you want to invite as early as possible.

Then, once you have a headcount, you can set an appropriate budget for each person. For example, you may set around $35 to $50 per head. 

If you’re on a tight budget, consider having food and drinks at home. You can turn it into a BBQ party or a potluck to save on food costs.

7. Not Having a Backup Plan

Let’s say you want to hold a birthday party outdoors so the celebrant and everyone else can enjoy nature. That’s a great idea, considering outdoor time could promote better health and wellness. However, it can become a disaster if the weather suddenly worsens.

Therefore, it pays to have a backup plan, such as preparing your home for such instances. For example, you can enlist one or two other friends or family members to decorate your home a day before the party. That way, if it does rain on the big day, you, the celebrant, and your guests can still have a blast partying indoors.

Avoid These Mistakes in Planning Birthday Parties

Now that you know the biggest mistakes in planning birthday parties, do your best to avoid them. That way, you can host one of the best and most memorable events.

Most importantly, the celebrant can enjoy their special day with you and all your guests.

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