7 Common Cocktail Making Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The first recorded use of the word ‘cocktail’ occurred in a New York newspaper in 1806 – more than 200 years ago! Whether you prefer an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, cocktails offer a mouth-watering variety of recipes.

But you should be aware of 7 common cocktail making mistakes before preparing your beverage. Otherwise, you could be disappointed with the final result and have to start making a new drink from scratch. 

To make sure you’re delighted with your next batch of cocktails, we’re going to look at the most frequent errors so you can avoid them.

Grab a cool drink while we learn more.

1. Not Following the Cocktail Recipe

It’s amazing how many people will make adjustments to the recipe when making cocktails. While cocktails are fun to prepare and allow you to indulge your creative side, the balance of the ingredients will determine the final taste. If you add too large or too small a measure of one element, this can completely change the effect it has on the flavor of your drink. 

To ensure you get the best results, check out this page with rum cocktails recipes and follow the instructions to make a delectable drink.

2. Not Using Fresh Cocktail Ingredients

You might feel an impromptu urge to make a cocktail and have to make do with whatever is in your fridge and cupboards. But if you’re planning to make cocktails later in the day, take a trip to the store and get fresh ingredients. Not only will fresh fruits and vegetables taste better, but they look brighter and may be healthier.

You should also remember that the spirits that are part of your cocktail-making supplies can lose flavor if they are old and the bottle has previously been opened. However, unopened liquor will not deteriorate and should taste just as good no matter how long they’ve been in your cupboard. 

3. Guessing Measurement Sizes

You might have seen bartenders eyeballing the amount of spirits they’re pouring into a cocktail. Unless they have a unique ability to accurately judge how much liquid is going into a glass, this is unlikely to work. 

While it may shave a few seconds off the preparation process, pouring directly from the bottle into the glass can ruin the taste of your cocktail. There’s also the chance that you’ll overpour and end up with a drink that is too strong, not to mention that you’ll have to buy more spirits to replace the ones you’ve used. 

To avoid this issue, use a jigger to precisely measure your spirits.

4. Not Using Enough Ice

Ice is one of the most basic cocktail ingredients and is ideal for cooling your drink and diluting the alcohol. The amount needed will depend on factors such as how much liquid is in the glass, with cocktails with small amounts of liquid generally requiring more ice. 

It’s also important to consider the types of ice cubes for cocktails. Rather than making your cubes with tap water, you can use bottled water that may have a cleaner taste. This can add to your cocktail and make it even more flavorful.

5. Not Knowing When to Shake or Stir Cocktails

We get it, stirring and shaking cocktails looks cool, but you need to know how to mix the various types of drinks.

For example, some cocktails are supposed to taste smooth and have a gentle blend of ingredients, and this is often the case if your drink consists mostly of spirits. In this scenario, it’s always better to stir.

However, if your cocktail contains a lot of juice, then by all means feel free to shake it up and create a heady concoction that has ice drifting throughout the drink.

Getting this step right can be the difference between an average cocktail and one that you want to make again and again. 

6. Ignoring the Presentation

Creating a cocktail is a fun mixture of science and art. While you should stick to a recipe, there is also the opportunity to make your drink look more attractive by presenting it in the right way. 

This could include choosing stunning glasses for cocktails and adding sugar around the edge to give them a frosted appearance. This is a great option when serving tropical cocktails. You can also add chunks of fruit, and garnish your drink with herbs and cucumber. 

This is a great time to let your imagination run wild and create beautiful-looking cocktails. 

7. Serving a Cocktail Without Doing a Taste Test

Even if you think you’ve followed the recipe and made a luscious cocktail, if you’re serving it to guests, you should taste it beforehand. This is especially the case if you have used a recipe that has measurements for one glass, and you’ve scaled the amount up to make a jug of cocktails. 

When doing a taste test, you might notice that one ingredient is overpowering the others, or that the drink is too warm and needs more ice. You can then make the necessary adjustments before serving.

Avoid These Common Cocktail Making Mistakes

Avoiding these common cocktail making mistakes can help you make exquisite thirst-quenching drinks. You should never deviate from the recipe or be tempted to skimp on the amount of ice in the glass. Don’t underestimate the importance of presentation, and always have a quick taste of your cocktail before you serve your guests. 

Your cocktails are sure to be a big hit!

We know you’ll be eager to whip up a fresh batch of cocktails, but check out more of our great blog posts before you go. 


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