How to Design Custom Coasters For Restaurants

Everyone knows that promotional items make a great outlet for restaurant marketing. It can raise brand awareness, and even drive sales. But did you know that custom coasters can be one of your best bets for all that?

From boosting your restaurant’s brand identity to making your customers feel more connected to your restaurant, these little coaster giveaways are ideal.

If you’re wondering how branded coasters are made, we’ve got all the details you need. Keep reading to find out how to make custom coasters for restaurants.

Select a Material

Certain materials have qualities that others don’t, so it’s important to align the right qualities with the specific needs of the restaurant. Popular materials for coasters include foam, leather, plastic, and wood.

Foam is lightweight and effective at absorbing moisture, which makes it great for commercial use and easy to keep clean. Leather is an attractive material that is durable and resilient to wear, making it great for longer use. Plastic is cost-effective and easy to personalize with printing, while wood gives a sophisticated feel.

Select the Size, Shape, and Color

Consider factors such as how the restaurant intends to use the coaster, the design aesthetic, and the budget. The size of the coaster should depend on the actual purpose. For example, if it will be used on tables or to advertise specials, the size should reflect that.

In terms of shape, opt for something more creative than circular or square. Color should reflect the restaurant’s overall theme and interior design. For example, colors in trend can give customers a more positive experience.

Create the Artwork

Before beginning your artwork, take into account any design and branding guidelines of the restaurant. Make sure you understand the vision and goals of the restaurant to create artwork that is a reflection of this.

Then brainstorm ideas that capture the restaurant’s overall brand and style. After refining the art, make sure the final work is of high quality and resolution. Present the artwork in multiple formats, such as PNG and PDF.

Include Useful Information

When designing custom coasters for restaurants, it’s important to include useful information. For example, the coasters can include stuff like the restaurant’s contact information, operating hours, current promotions and specials, website link, or even a map to the restaurant.

The front of the coaster could include the restaurant’s logo and branding. But on the reverse side, you might include the names of menu items, and an inspiring quote. You can even put a coupon that customers can tear off and use to their advantage. 

Hire a Manufacturer

After going through all the steps, you must hire a manufacturer who you can trust will provide high-quality drink coasters. Your manufacturer should be able to print with any ink type or printing process that you desire. And they should be able to provide samples before production to ensure the design is suitable. 

Create Custom Coasters for Restaurants Now

Using custom coasters for restaurants is an easy way to give your business an extra boost in both visuals and marketing. It can also be a great way to show customers you appreciate them and keep their loyalty.

So what are you waiting for? Customize your coasters today to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

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