6 School Website Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you looking to give your school a unique website look that separates it from all the other schools within your district?

Considering how competitive digital marketing and the job market are, it’s important to give your school a sleek, modern web design that can be easily navigated.

But, how do you go about this? What should you look out for to avoid any school website design mistakes?

We’ve got all the info you need. Keep reading to learn all about school website design mistakes you should try to avoid.

1. Cluttered Homepage

One mistake is having a homepage that looks messy and crowded, with too much information. To avoid this, keep your school website homepage clean and organized. Have a clear menu that helps visitors find what they need easily.

2. Hard-to-Read Fonts

Sometimes websites use tiny or fancy fonts that are difficult to read. It’s like trying to read a book with very small letters. To make your website easier to read, choose simple and clear fonts. Make sure the text is big enough so that everyone can read it without straining their eyes.

3. Lack of Visuals

Another mistake is having a website that is all text and no pictures or videos. It’s like having a story with no pictures. To make your website more engaging, include relevant images and videos that show what your school is like. This will make it more interesting and appealing to visitors.

4. Poor Navigation

Without clear navigation, visitors can get lost and frustrated. So, make sure your school website has a simple and organized menu that guides users to different pages easily. Use descriptive labels like “Home,” “About Us,” “Classes,” and “Contact” to help people find what they need.

5. Ignoring Mobile Users

If it’s not a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on a big chunk of visitors! Many people use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. Make sure your website looks and works well on different devices.

6. Lack of Marketing Strategies

When talking about marketing strategies for private schools, the strategies may differ from typical types of businesses. One mistake is usually is the failure to highlight what makes your school special and unique in a catchy form within the website. It’s like not telling people about all the fun and exciting things that happen at your school.

To avoid this, create a section on your website that showcases the special programs, activities, and achievements of your school. Show why your school is the best choice for students and parents.

Common School Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a website can be a challenging task. To ensure a successful and easy-to-navigate website, know the common school website design mistakes and how to avoid them. From expensive designs to overwhelming navigation, use these tips to create an effective website for your school.

Keep it simple and friendly. Your school’s website should be accessible to all. Start now and make a great first impression.

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