3 Ways to Include the Patron Saints of Sports in Your Pre-Game Routine

Your team is about to go into a big game.

Are you ready to show that you believe you’ll win? If so, you need to learn about the blessings of the Patron Saints of Sports before the next time you play or compete.

There are several Saints who watch over sports every day, making it a great idea to include them in your pregaming routine. This is another way you can show your confidence and get the blessings of Saint Christopher, SaintMedard and more before any sports activity.

See below for a full guide on how to show your team how to receive the blessing of these Saints before entering the game.

1. Contacting Heaven Through Devotional Music

Including the Patron Saints of Sports in your pregame routine can be done by contacting Heaven through devotional music. Music is a powerful source of reflection, motivation, and inspiration when seeking to contact Heaven.

Tapping into the power of this music to reach out to the Patron Saints of Sports can energize the spirit before an upcoming game or event. Before a game, create a special pregame playlist of devotional music that speaks to the spirit, honoring the Patron Saints of Sports.

Inserting prayerful words dedicated to the Patron Saints of Sport, allows Heaven to widen its reach, as the reflective lyrics vibrate in our hearts and souls. The vibrations create a connection to Heaven and fill ourselves with positivity and peace. As the devotional music resonates, our energy shifts, yielding a sense of faith in our ability and the presence of Heaven on our side.

2. Lighting Sacred Candles in Honor of Saints

Lighting sacred candles in honor of saints before a sports game can be a powerful pregame ritual for any team. This act of devotion helps create a sense of unity, while inspiring team spirit and dedication.

To make your pregame ritual even more meaningful, you could celebrate the Patron Saints of Sports. Doing this will allow you to give thanks and honor their contributions to the sport you’re playing.

This could include lighting specific candles that correspond to the patron saints. For example, St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes, so noting that could involve lighting a white candle in honor of him.

3. Incorporating Iconography and Blessings

To incorporate iconography and blessings of patron saint of sports into your pre-game routine, you may want to purchase special pendants or plaques of the saint that you are paying homage to.

You can display it in a place that will be visible during the pre-game routine, such as above your locker, so that it is in view for players and others in the area. Additionally, you could hang them on the wall in the locker room or even hang them on a banner in the gym or game area.

Before each game, players can stop for a moment of silence to reflect and remember the saint’s spirit and what they bring to the game. You can even incorporate short prayers or positive affirmations that bring attention to the saint and his/her impact in the sport. 

Explore Ways to Include Patron Saints of Sports in Your Game

Overall, using patron saints of sports can be a great way to inspire, motivate and to focus your pre-game routine. Doing so can also make you feel comforted as if you have someone looking over your shoulder.

So why not give it a try? The rewards may be beyond what you could possibly imagine.

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