What You Should Do When Your Home Has Smoke Damage

Did you know that a home fire happens every 93 seconds in the United States?

That’s an alarming statistic, especially because fires can all cause extensive smoke damage to your home. Smoke can cause several long-term problems for you and your belongings if it’s not addressed properly.

So what do you do when your home has smoke damage? We’ve got you. Here are things you should do when your home has smoke damage:

Assess the Situation

When assessing the situation of smoke damage in your home, you need to take multiple steps. First, inspect any affected areas. Look for damage to walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, and any damaged items from the smoke. 

Secondly, identify any odors that may remain in the home and determine their source. This can help you locate areas that need more deep cleaning.

Remove the Smoke Smell

When your home has smoke damage, its important to remove the smoke smell to restore your home and protect your health. Start by airing out the area by opening windows, running fans, and running an air purifier.

Next, use an enzyme cleaner to remove smoke residue from walls, floors, furniture, and other surfaces. Next, vacuum the area using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. If necessary, run a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of smoke odor in the air. 

Remove Corrosive Fire Residue and Charring

When your home has smoke damage, it is important to remove any corrosive fire residue and charring left behind. Begin by carefully removing any debris left behind from the cause of the fire or smoke damage. Ensure that the area is entirely cleared of any residues and charred materials.

Next, thoroughly clean any remaining smoke damage. Pay particular attention to surfaces, carpets, draperies, furniture, and any porous materials such as wood, fabric, and other items that may have been affected. You should also pay special attention to any fabrics or items that have been charred or discolored from smoke or flames.

Though this process can be difficult, it is important to do so to restore your home to its best possible condition.

Protect Your Home From Future Smoke Damage

You should take steps to prevent the occurrence of further smoke damage occurring in your home. This includes ensuring that all smoke alarms are in good working order and ensuring the ventilation is regularly maintained.

Contact Smoke and Fire Restoration Services

Contacting smoke and fire restoration services is one of the best steps to fix fire damage. Professional restoration companies provide restoration services needed for smoke-damaged surfaces and items. They will take an inventory of the damaged materials.

They will also establish a timeline for repairing and replacing items as needed. And they will safely replace any structures that have been impacted by the smoke. For more info on professional services, visit this homepage.

Don’t Let Any Smoke Damage Worsen

No matter how bad the smoke damage to your home may be, remember that there are ways to mitigate it. Immediately contact a smoke damage restoration company to assess the damage and begin the process.

Don’t attempt to do everything on your own. Some restoration requires specialized equipment and expertise. 

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