What Is the Work Content and Value of IT Operation and Maintenance Engineers?

The operation and maintenance engineers can enhance the stability of the infrastructure, basic services and online business on which the company’s Internet business depends. They check every day to find possible hidden dangers in the services, and optimize the overall architecture to avoid common operational failures. Access can improve failure tolerance of business.

What is the work content of IT O & M engineers? What is the value of IT O & M engineers?

Work Content of IT O & M Engineer

Application and Service: monitoring and management of various application support software and various general or specific services, such as database, middleware, groupware like mail system, DNS, Web, etc.;

Equipment Management: server equipment, storage hardware, monitoring and management of network equipment and operating system;

Directory Content: content management and management of public information are mainly for enterprises to publish uniformly or customize the information;

Resource Assets: manage the resource assets of various IT systems in the enterprise. These resource assets can exist physically or logically, and can interact with the financial department of the enterprise;

Information Security: Information security management is mainly based on the international standard ISO17799, which covers ten control aspects of information security management, 36 control objectives and 127 control methods, such as enterprise security organization, asset classification and control, personnel security, physical and environmental security, communication and operation security, access control, business continuity management, etc.;

Data Storage: unified storage, backup and recovery of system and business data;

Business: mainly focus on the CSF and KPI of the business system, including the monitoring and management of the operation of the enterprise’s core business system, and the management of the business.

Value of IT O & M Engineers

Security of Services: Network security incidents happen every day. Once an incident happens, it will be a huge loss to the enterprise. We should prevent such incidents from all aspects, regularly check the security of workstations, servers, switches, etc., install and upgrade various anti-virus software, change configurations, and close ports with security threats. These tasks are tedious, but these works ensure the security of our network.

Stability of Services: To ensure the stability of the services, it is necessary to monitor and maintain the software and middleware of different manufacturers, different types and versions. Once problems occur, they can be quickly solved. The O & M engineers should be familiar with the compatibility between them for debugging.

In addition, the O&M engineers also need to be familiar with some monitoring tools, such as Nagios, Zabbix, and third-party’s Progain. They should be proficient in programming languages, be familiar with common data structures and algorithms and be able to use them flexibly. They should have basic network knowledge, and deeply understand various operating systems.


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