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What Is a Dental Implant Made From? A Guide

Do you want to give your smile a boost? Your dental health is starting to slip, and you want to correct it before it becomes more serious.

A dental implant could be the answer to your oral health issues. These artificial stem cells inserted into the gums can offer you a lifetime of stability for your teeth. But what is it made of, and is it right for you?

Keep reading to find out!


Dental implants are artificial posts put into the jawbone by surgery to replace missing teeth. Most of the time, they are made of titanium, a metal that can be left in the body without harm.

Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal that can handle the rough environment of the mouth. This makes it a good choice for implants.

It is also not rejected by the body’s immune system. It forms a strong bond with the bone as it fuses with the jawbone and other tissues.


Zirconia are made of a biocompatible, biodegradable, corrosion-resistant material that looks much like a tooth. Most of the time, this kind of implant comprises two parts: a titanium screw and a zirconia abutment. Most of the time, the titanium screw is put right into a hole prepared in the jaw, and the zirconia abutment is put into the titanium screw and attached to it.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a strong and reliable material often used in dental prosthetics. It is very strong, doesn’t rust, and has good tensile strength, which means it can take the force of biting and chewing without breaking. It doesn’t shrink or deform with time, providing a stable and reliable base for dental implants.

It is also cheaper for a dental implant procedure because it costs less than titanium but is just as strong and durable. Stainless steel dental implants are easier to shape and customize than other types. This makes them ideal for pediatric dentists, who can better consider their patients’ age and needs.


Cobalt-chrome is a type of metal alloy used in some dental implant frameworks due to its excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Cobalt-chrome implants are usually made by casting or milling and can be designed to match the shape and size of the surrounding teeth.


Ceramic dental implants are becoming increasingly popular among people who want their teeth to look and feel natural and strong. Ceramics are made by mixing metals and minerals, like titanium and zirconia, and then heating and fusing them in a furnace.

These implants last much longer and look better than metal ones, which is why many people choose them. These are very flexible and can replace a single tooth or a bridge of several teeth.

Choose the Best Dental Implant

Dental implants are an effective and durable dental procedure to replace missing teeth and restore lost dental functionality. They are made of different kinds of materials that offer excellent stability.

With proper care and maintenance, a dental implant can last a lifetime. Visit your local dentist to learn more about these kinds of implants and what it can do for you.

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