Understanding Your Pool Heater Control Panel Error Codes

Do you have a pool and have recently been noticing some control panel problems? If so, you are probably becoming very frustrated. Some problems are difficult to take care of, especially when they are difficult to understand.

When it comes to pool heater control panel error codes, it is difficult to fully understand what language the error code is giving you the problem. 

The goal is to teach you what it means and what you can do to fix it. Here is a guide to pool heater error codes.

BO Code

This error code can be baffling at first but is actually very much related to the pool water heater temperature and is usually caused when the temperature is too high or low. To diagnose the issue, it is necessary to check, and if needed, adjust pump settings. If the pool pump settings are not adjusted properly, it can lead to further damage to the heater control panel.

If the BO Code is displayed, it means the temperature in the pool has exceeded the maximum allowable temperature and needs to be reduced. This can be remedied by adjusting pH and mineral levels, and by reducing the temperature of the pool using a controller. 

IF Code

It is possible that the code indicates something as minor as a blown fuse, or as significant as a failed thermostat. To identify an IF Code error, you first need to locate the code on the control panel’s LCD display. When you’ve found the code, look it up in the user manual to learn what the error really means and how to fix it.

In some cases, the IF error code may indicate a problem with the flow switch or a low water pressure issue. Some control panels are programmed to flash a combination of IF codes when more than one component is malfunctioning. A Hayward pool heater IF code will be able to quickly and easily identify what the issue is and provide clear instructions on how to resolve it.

SF Code

SF Code, commonly used for software fault analysis, is a way of categorizing these errors. These codes may be used in conjunction with other knowledge sources, such as a technician’s experience and technical manuals, to determine the most effective solution for the issue.

Errors range from the E002 error code which indicates electrical pool heater problems, to the H050 code which indicates an overheat situation. Other codes, such as E004, E050, and H110, indicate issues related to the airflow and pressure within the system. 

HS Code

This code provides a unique identification for each item, allowing for duty-free transportation of goods between countries. Pool heater control panels typically require this code as part of their operation. When an error occurs, the control panel will display an error code.

For instance, an HS Code error could indicate that the heater has failed to register the HS Code or that the code is not valid. Understanding the error codes can help troubleshoot the issue and facilitate a repair. 

Understanding These Pool Heater Codes

Understanding pool heater control panel error codes can be overwhelming, but with a little bit of research or instruction from an experienced professional, it can be done with ease. Make sure to check your error codes and consult the manual for potential solutions.

Keep your pool running safely and enjoy the warm water all season. Contact your local pool contractor today for help!

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