The Major Benefits of Getting a B Pharmacy Degree

For those who want to pursue a career in healthcare but don’t want to enter the competition of MBBS, a career in Pharmacy has always been a top choice. Pharmacists fill the gap between doctors and patients, offering advice on dosages, side effects, etc, while also dispensing medicines.

In this blog, we talk about the B pharm course in general at the best Bpharm colleges in Coimbatore and the major benefits of getting this degree.

Table of Contents

1. Bachelor of Pharmacy Course: General Overview
2. Major Benefits of Pursuing a B Pharm Course
3. Plenty of Career Opportunities
a. Common Job Profiles
b. Top Recruiters
4. Higher Education Options for Quicker Career Growth
5. Entrepreneurship Opportunities
6. Research Opportunities
7. Conclusion
8. FAQs

Bachelor of Pharmacy Course: General Overview

The B Pharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy course is a 4-year undergraduate program in the field of pharmacy. This course involves training and offering knowledge in various procedures related to pharmaceutical concerns, like the formulation of drugs, managing pharmacies, how different drugs interact with the human body, and so on. All colleges that offer this course including B Pharm colleges in Tamilnadu like Cheran College of Pharmacy need to be approved by the AICTE (All India Council for technical education) or Pharmacy of India (PCI).

To get a better idea of what this course generally entails, take a look at the table below.

Course DetailsBachelor of Pharmacy
Duration4 years
Mode of ExaminationSemester System
Eligibility Criteria50% or more in 10+2 from a recognized board
Average FeeINR 1 LPA
Average SalaryINR 3.5 LPA
Job ProfilesWholesaler, Pharmacist, Quality Assurance Associate, etc.

Major Benefits of Pursuing a B Pharm Course

There are quite a few benefits of pursuing a bachelor of Pharmacy course from private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu, and other colleges that offer this course in our country. Apart from offering many job opportunities in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and allied industries, a career in pharmacy can be a blessing. Let us take a deeper look at the benefits this course offers now.

Plenty of Career Opportunities

One of the reasons B pharma courses are so popular is because of the high demand for pharmacists internationally. Both government and private companies employ pharmacists. Therefore, there is no shortage of job opportunities for graduates from B pharm colleges in Coimbatore.

Common Job Profiles

We have mentioned some of the common job roles available for B pharm graduates in the table below.

Job ProfileRoleAverage Salary (INR)
Clinical Research AssociateTasked with collecting and organizing data from field studies/clinical trials and applying them to the production of drugs3 lakhs per annum
Drug InspectorEnforces that  legal standards of sanitation, purity, and grading are met where drugs, food products, cosmetics, etc, are stored, manufactured, or processed6 lakhs per annum
Sales/ Marketing ExecutiveDeal with sales of drugs and handle the management of sales teams, targets, marketing, etc. of drug companies4 lakhs per annum
Pharmaceutical ScientistResponsible for the discovery, testing, development, and manufacturing of drugs or improving old ones6.5 lakhs per annum
Medical WriterPrepares documentation of medical manuals, research, etc., in collaboration with other professionals in the same field3 lakhs per annum

Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters from both government and private sectors for pharma graduates from the best b pharm colleges in Coimbatore are:

Government SectorPrivate Sector
Ministry of HealthJohnson & Johnson
Indian ArmyCipla
Indian RailwaysSun Pharmaceuticals
Employee State Insurance CorporationDr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Government Medical CollegesPfizer
State Bank of IndiaGlenmark Pharmaceuticals

Higher Education Options for Quicker Career Growth

The beauty of the B pharma course at some of the best pharmacy colleges in Coimbatore is that it allows room for further study in the field of pharmaceutics. Graduates can easily study further for more advanced degrees, opening the doors to higher-paying jobs. The various advanced degrees that one can go for after graduation in this course:

M Pharm

A Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate degree that you can pursue after completing your B pharm course. The eligibility criteria needed to get into an M Pharma course is usually 55% or above in the  B pharma course, though it differs from college to college. M Pharma dives into greater detail in the subjects taught in B Pharma courses while offering students the choice of various specializations in various branches of pharmaceutical study.

Pharm D

Pharm D, which stands for Doctor of Pharmacy is a comparatively new course in our India. It is very popular in foreign countries and in some countries like the USA it is mandatory to become a registered pharmacist. Registered pharmacists are even allowed to prescribe medicines to patients in some countries like the UK and Australia, not just dispense them. This is one of the highest degrees in the field of pharmacy.

Stable and Flexible Career

Graduates of Bachelor of Pharmacy from the best B Pharm colleges in Tamilnadu are one of the few professionals in the medical-allied fields, who have the flexibility in working hours. Since pharmacists are always going to be needed to dispense medicines they are also always going to be in high demand. Since pharmacists are needed 24/7 – they are allowed to choose their own shifts – all while having the utmost job stability.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

The most common choice for B pharma graduates is opening their own pharmacy. Entrepreneurship aside, medicine shops are also always going to be in high demand as people need 24/7 access to medicine. That means they can make a decent income no matter where their shop is located. While you may need to work a few years to save some money or find investors, students from rich families can even open their own pharmaceutical companies or shops if they want.


Other than the major benefits we’ve already discussed above, a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the best B Pharm colleges in Coimbatore can also open many doors for a successful career for graduates. The job satisfaction from serving humanity combined with these benefits is incomparable to anything else.


  1. Is there career stability in a Pharmacy career?

Yes. The high demand for pharmacists worldwide ensures job stability for pharmacists.

  1. Can I get a Ph.D. after B pharm?

Yes. However, you’ll have to complete an M pharm after your Bpharm to be eligible for a Ph.D.

  1. Is the growth potential in this industry?

Yes. Forbes predicts that the number of jobs available in the field of pharmacy will increase by 14% in the next few years.

  1. How much can I make if I open my own pharmacy?

The average pharmacy shop owner in India makes about 5 LPA.

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