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Spotting Pool Leaks: An Overview of the Causes, Signs, and Solutions

Relaxing in the comfort of your private pool is one of the high points of owning a home. It’s your private oasis, allowing you to relax and escape from the world without driving or flying for fun in the sun. Over 10 million homeowners have a pool on their property, but few know how to find a pool leak when handling pool maintenance.

Pool leak detection is essential to keep your pool in top condition for the hot summer months. Your kids will be disappointed that they can’t enjoy pool parties due to your pool leak, but you can be the hero and save the day.

Thankfully, you’ve discovered the perfect resource to use when detecting pool leaks and seeking pool leak repair. Continue reading this article to master identifying your pool’s leaks today!

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues commonly cause pool leaks, primarily if you use an automatic fill device for your pool’s water. An automatic fill device will hide the problem since your pool’s water level will remain unchanged. The best indication that you have a leak due to mechanical issues is a sky-high monthly water bill.

The skimmer is another mechanical piece that can cause pool leaks. You can use a pool leak detector to determine if this is the primary cause. It’s a simple fix, though it’s worth investing in pool leak detection for peace of mind. Turn your pump off and check the filter for signs of leakage.

Broken Pipes

Pools use many pipes to deliver clean water to the pool, but they’re also a hotspot for potential leaks. The plumbing system is complex, and pool leak detection services are often necessary to diagnose and fix the issue. The main drain and the skimmer pipe are the first two places to check for signs of a leak.

The main drain is challenging to diagnose since it’s a bad idea to drain your pool completely. Rocks and rust are the primary causes of leaks through the main drain. Skimmer pipes are also frustrating since they’re encased in concrete and difficult to access.

Loose or Broken Fittings

When you’re worried about a pool leak, a wise place to check is broken or loose fittings. Breaks and cracks in your pool’s plumbing can occur anywhere in the system, but the joints of the pipes are the most vulnerable area.

It’s a common issue that many pools and hot tubs encounter. The good news is that loose or broken fittings are the simplest and least expensive pool leak repair.

Identify and Fix Your Pool Leak Today

Staring down the threat of a pool leak in the days leading up to a summer pool party is stressful, but knowing the steps to take for detecting pool leaks will help you save the day. The fittings are the first place to check for pool leak detection, though your water bill is another excellent clue. The main drain and skimmer pipes are also likely culprits, though you should hire a pool leak detector for help.

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