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Safety Tips for Operating a Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

Are you looking to explore an exciting career in the construction industry? Do you want to learn all about the lattice boom crawler crane? If so, then you need to start with some basic safety precautions.

Taking proper precautions when operating cranes applies to all of the different types of cranes. There are a few things that you should know and understand if you are new to cranes.

Be sure to check out the safety tips below so that you can learn how you can become a safe crane operator.

Wear Protective Gear

For crane safety, it is essential to wear protective gear. Eye and ear protection are vital to prevent eye strain and hearing loss. Steel-toed shoes should be worn at all times to protect from heavy objects, as well as fire-retardant jackets and pants.

A heavy-duty hard hat should be worn to protect from falling debris. Gloves should be worn for grip and protection from sharp edges.

Respirators should also be worn when dealing with hazardous flammable liquids or gasses. It is also important to keep long hair tucked away and tight-fitting clothing to avoid getting caught in equipment.

Do Pre-Lift Inspections and Maintenance

Pre-lift inspections and maintenance are vital to operating a crane safely. Before use, operators should inspect the crane’s general condition and components for damage, rusting, and wear. The brakes, clutches, and throttle controls should be tested for operations and essential safety devices such as winch brakes, load blocks, and boom pins.

All wire ropes and slings must be checked before and after each operation for kinks, broken wires, corrosion, and other types of physical damage. All welding, such as boom joints and bow hats, must be inspected for cracks and other damage too. Fitted pins and cotter pins must be checked to ensure none are missing.

It is also vital to check the crane’s jib, outrigger pads, crawler tracks, and counterweights for stability and condition. A crane’s cab must be cleared of any obstructions or excessive clutter that can impede proper operation and visibility.

Pay Attention to Load Limits

Operators must pay close attention to the load limit of the crane. All cranes have basic lifting capacities of varying amounts of weight designated by their manufacturer.

By not adhering to the crane’s load limits, operators are putting themselves and others at risk of serious injury. They also risk damaging the equipment, which can be costly to repair.

Utilize the Technology

It is essential to utilize the available technology to promote safety for operators and bystanders. A good practice to follow is to set up ground-level technology to detect ground pressure before moving crawler cranes. It will reduce the risk of crane stability loss or tipping.

All operators should be trained in the use of crane safety technology and practices. All workers should adhere to the provided safety guidelines while operating the crane. To learn more, check out Kobelco diagnostic software page here.

Operate a Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Safely

Being a crane operator, adherence to safety protocols is essential for your well-being and that of others. Ensure your lattice boom crawler crane is up-to-date and inspected regularly. Follow all safety rules and regulations. Get proper training. Stay informed of new safety developments to ensure a safe job site.

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