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RUN: 7 Practical Tips for Improving Running Endurance

Whether it’s for sport, health, or after your crazy dog, there’s no doubt that running is excellent exercise. However, many people worry about their athletic ability before taking up regular running. To make it more enjoyable and relaxing, you should work on your running endurance. 

Here are the top seven tips to increase your endurance and enjoy a better run. 

1. Fuel Up Before You Go

Eating the right foods before a run can make all the difference in your endurance and running stamina. It’s important to avoid certain foods that could weigh you down. Even go so far as to take into account the foods you eat the night before your run. 

For example, if you run first thing in the morning, the last meal you eat the night before should be protein-rich. Adding in some healthy fats can also make a huge difference to your endurance. Avocado with grilled chicken on whole-grain bread is an excellent option. 

About fifteen minutes before you leave, have a light snack. A protein bar or a banana will fuel you with complex carbs and protein so that you can run for longer. 

If you prefer an evening or night run, make sure you are conscious about what you eat during the day. Having a carb-heavy lunch, such as pasta, could leave you feeling sluggish. Eat the recommended calories for your body type, but ensure they are coming from energy-rich foods.

2. Run For Longer

When you’re out of breath and tired during a run, it might be tempting to slow down or even stop. However, if you can push yourself to keep running even for a few more minutes, you’ll increase your endurance. Distance is more important than speed when it comes to increasing your endurance. 

By running for longer, you’re proving to your body that you can handle more than you thought. Eventually, your body will adapt to longer runs and you can increase your distance even more. 

You’ll also increase your lung capacity by pushing yourself further with every run. Of course, never keep going if you feel weakness, dizziness, or pain. Remember that you’re training and working to build up your endurance, so take it slow. 

3. Try Mushroom Complex

Mushroom complex is known to improve athletic ability and increase endurance. A mushroom complex helps increase blood flow, which increases the amount of oxygen your muscles receive during a run. 

Enhanced oxygen in your muscles also aids in your recovery following a run. It means you’re less likely to suffer from muscle strains and soreness and reduces the chance of injury. 

Mushroom complexes also deliver large amounts of antioxidants to your body. Antioxidants are important for general health and can improve energy levels. With a daily mushroom complex, you’ll feel more physically and mentally prepared to tackle a longer run. 

4. Practice Correct Recovery Techniques

Your recovery is as important as your run. By stretching correctly and cooling down, your body is given a chance to heal from any strains that may occur during your run. 

Simple stretches like toe touches, overhead arm stretches, and lunges all help your body cool down. They’ll also allow your breathing to return to normal and your heart to regain its regular rhythm.

By practicing these recovery techniques, you’ll increase your endurance because you’ll help prevent injury. You’ll increase blood flow and improve flexibility, allowing you to run further. 

5. Think About Your Posture

Run with your chest towards the sun, as though trying to get a tan. By running this way, you’ll prompt your head to stay upright and your back to remain straight. 

Maintaining good posture during your run increases endurance because it provides your body with full motion range. You can move more freely and with enhanced flexibility. 

Correct posture when running is also important to prevent injury. Running with a stopped or slouched upper body causes muscle strain. You could even negatively impact your balance while you run. 

6. Practice Strength Training

On your running rest days, it’s a good idea to practice strength training to build muscle. When you have more muscular strength, you increase your speed and stamina. As a result, you can run for much longer. 

Calisthenics and resistance training also help to build muscle. These may be a safer alternative for those very new to running and who want to start gently. Practicing calisthenics involves using your body weight to increase muscle mass. 

Extra muscle will also mean you burn more calories when you exercise or when you’re sedentary. This makes it easier to reach any health goals you have and get fitter faster. 

7. Stay Hydrated While You Run

Running is an intense exercise that causes electrolytes and water to get lost in your sweat. When you’re low on electrolytes, you begin to feel sluggish and breathless. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a small sports drink with you during a run. If you find yourself getting weighed down during a run, take a few sips to rehydrate yourself. You only need a small bottle on each run to build endurance. 

Try to avoid sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Some sugar can be helpful on a run for a quick energy boost; too much will result in a slump a few hours after your run. A post-run sugar slump makes it more difficult to remain motivated on your running journey. 

Improve Running Endurance to Feel Stronger

With the help of the above tips, you can improve your running endurance. Gradually, this will allow you to run longer without feeling tired or strained. You’ll reap the rewards of consistent running, like better heart health, mental health, and strength. 

If you are new to running, get medical advice before you start. A professional can work with you to set up an exercise regime and avoid injury. 

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